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June 19, 2006

An exciting week! Maybe…

Hey! OK, I know what you're thinking–two monday's have gone by with no Monday–update, what's going on?!?! Well, basically I was doing school work/watching TCM at the jug the last two mondays so didn't get time to update, and for some reason I couldn't be arsed to upload on any other day!!

So, to make it up to you I'm going to attempt to update EVERY SINGLE DAY this week! (especially as two of my lovely friends asked if there would be anymore yesterday!) oh yes, chapter 5 here we come!

Wednesday is especially exciting, as your mid–week morning will bring a new character!

But before then, this first page is dedicated to Alec, cos he was the first to ask !



_The Kings men dressed in crimson
And the Plain's men bare of chest,
One dressed in shining armour
The other a loin cloth at best
They come to fight for honour
And they come to fight for gold
And this battle may be the greatest tale
I have ever told.

I've seen fair Kia raveged now
For many years
Villages burned, the people run
Their eyes
So full of tears
The undead and the beast plague
And the people from our past
But now a choice it must be made
And it must be made fast.

Some come from the cities
And some come from the plains
Both sides have their reasons
And both sides stand to gain
The fearI once saw in those eyes
Is turned to bitter Ire,
But can our country be saved
By blood–shed and by fire?_

OK, this was a song I made up pre– todays adventure, which was ace!!

Also, I'll be attempting to have a page–per–day of chapter 5 following some (quite flattering) enquiries into if there would be any!!

I know school practice ate into my time, but would I let you down?! x

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