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May 18, 2006


Hey, it's Thursday, which means it's almost Friday! Which means I'm happy!

Also, found a link to a free comic host again, after just telling someone I couldn't find any! I totally hope they accept–I'm submitting the page at the end of the "Raven" fantasy sequence, y'know, one of my many near–kisses (it'll happen eventually….probably…to someone) but I held a house vote (well, Dave, Chris and Trish–the others were watching another 24, without me! and I thought they were trying to get me into it! probably for the best…) and this one came out fav.

So, let's see if they like it! It's the same network that hosts Cat Legend so quite reliable, I think! more important, it's free!

And so, to celebrate, and maybe bring me luck, here is a bonus–the final page in chapter 4!! To be honest, I'm impressed I've kept it up so far!


You'll be glad to know I have already started on chapter 5, I'm sure!

Although I haven't thought of a cover design yet–any suggestions?

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