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March 18, 2005

My day

I'm quite depressed at my day.

It started out well, woken an hour earlier than intended by the ever-keen miss Elly handing me an invite which wouldn't be relevant until 7pm, but y'know, 11 hours notice is normal, right?! ;-)

So I got up, had breakfast, put washing on, walked out for glue and door hooks although decided just to steal some sandpaper from home as no-one needs that much sandpaper. Didn't snack all morning, did the forum/emails and found some pretty cool designs for Tai Chi soc hoodies, good work guys!

Then after lunch things went down hill. I surrendered to the evils of New Grounds especially "Broken Saints" which after seeing most of the final episode of (Chris knowcked on my door to get a frisbee at one point and you can't rewind these things) decided to start from the beginning because it was soooo pretty and complicated. Only got through 2 eps so far, but hey it's the holidays!

My complete lack of motivation is mind-boggling, seriously.

So is Donnie Darko. What the F*"K was that movie all about?!?! I don't get it. Although I may attain a slight fear of bunnies/mirrors/falling jet engines.

anyway, now there are kids shouting horribly outside. What I'm pissed at is that apart from this morning I haven't been outside, and it was such a nice day, too. I'm just gonna end up one of those blind white worms with fingers made delicate yet deadly from so much typing.

One other good thing, I've started the Maiden for the Snarf CD inlay. But now Ollie is gone and soon I will be too.

ohoh, Ani Difranco tonight too. Yay! I shall tell you all about it tomorrow.

Now, I would just like to shake my fist in jealousy at all those people having a really interesting life, like Dr Lego who is in New Zealand (although cheers for popping by the blog ALex!) Casper who is in Hong Kong (sooo much manga!) and Becky who will soon by off round the world for 6 months. Why am I not doing something more interesting?! suggestions anyone?!

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