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May 14, 2006

Ah, larps.

Yaaaaaaaaaay LARPs!!

'Twas an awesome day, full of "black snuff" and arguing Lords, switching allegences and a little bonus plot for yours truly! Yes, Anna's in the thick of it, unfortunately for you, she's not a prolific writer (unlike a lot of 14 yr old girls) so you'll either have to adventure or check our forum to see what's been going on!

To give you a bit of a hint, here are some snaps taken by Emily during the adventure…

Our intrepid monsters–

Alec at LARP

Casper at LARPs

Alex, Vic and someone...

And a few party shots;

Tyrone and Loxar

Lords and Barbarians disagreeing? Never!...

about to advance

Girls do it too!

James as John

This is John. He's not scary…really…

And post adventure, there's nothing like a god game of jugger!

The teams square up–
Those in coloured costume…

The White Shirts!
And the White Shirts! ah, deplomacy…let the game begin!



Most importantly, the Colours won, but it was a bit overshadowed by one white shirt sustaining one of the rare actual injuries anyone ever suffers from playing, I shan't embarrass him by saying who, though I can't promise no–one else will!

Ah, such fun. Now, back to he real world. Oh, for more other–plainly insanity go here; link and come to our next game on the Sunday of week 6, run by me!

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