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March 09, 2005

They think it's all over, but they wish it wasn't!

Ah, Battle of the Bands. What an event.

A low-down of everyone's opinion, including my own, is now forming on the forum as always. It seems many spectators and quite a few band members were happy with the result. This probably does take "fisting" to a new level!

Unfortunatly I missed out on the post battle party because I had to be up for school, but it seems the victors didn't get to bed much before four, or perhaps five, and one energetic lead singer didn't get out of bed until 12 hours after this unearthly hour! some of us had pulled a whole day of teaching by then!!

The past couple of days have also been very special for me because; My digital radio kicked in, and now I have Planet Rock in my kitchen! (although I'm scared it might be like the free porn in "Friends" and so now that someone has turned it off it may never return)

I met Sam Boulby, briefly, but definatly at said final, before wishing Rich good luck and ending up on a short and futile search for James and his wireless unit.

I got to witness many nervous people penned together in a small area, a cruel yet entertaining approach to "backstage".

I have just been elected Bandsoc secretary! I didn't fancy my chances up against the guys I was against, but all my moniter-carrying and puttingmyself in a state of delirium and impending cold has paid off, I have proved I CAN do everything at once, and at last there is a female on the bandsoc exec! hurrah!

Now I'm off to pass out in a bed which I have been thinking about for several hours.

Thanks to everyone who came to the final last night, you all rule, because without an audience, what would be the point in having bands?!

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