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January 09, 2005

Almost got into control…

Yes, as you may/may not have guessed the game did not take place as half the players didn't know/were too lazy/too hung over to attend, so five of us sparred(and Trial by Hood actually happened!), played Circle of Treachery, practiced a spot of archery then talked role play and logic puzzles (Damn you Will!) for a couple of hours.

Next week I shall command the whole world….

Have had a wicked weekend of parties, one at the Mansion, one with the Knightcote boys, so thanks for those whoever was responsible! As such am too tired to go bowling avec Carrie and Dave and the boys so hopefully I will get around to bringing my printer to the internet connection so my laptop can find the software (as I can't remember where I put the disc, if I had one…) and so scan in the cartoon strip of New Year and a few more gallery things, cos I know you all enjoy that so much…hm. Anyway…

A thought struck me today-in the top of the left arm, so not too fatal-why are most of my society memberships either defunct or in male-dominated genres?! Is there something my subconcious isn't telling me…

On a lighter note, poncho's are great, even better than dressing gowns!

Peace, love and fearie dust my friends xxx

Tales from the Scarred Lands 4

Ah the air is fresh, but the snows have melted
_I feel the wind in it's cruel spirits blow_
An Evil is looming, like billowing smoke
_We are waiting for it to fall on it's victims below_

_In the night, strange snarls come creeping,_
But nothing is said of it within these high walls
_And those who control would have silence_
But to others the wilderness calls

What are these shifting, swift shadows?
_What of ghosts, whispers of deform-ed face?_
_When the roads are once more open for travel,_
What shall be found in that great open place?

_For now is the time for serious begginings,_
For some, no more banquets or balls
_for it's up with the sword, shield and arrow,_
As adventure, and the wilderness calls.

I'm still hunting for the much talked-of adventurers, but have only rumours to guide me. What I did find today was some light sparring, and a new form of corporal punishment among the lower ranks, "Trail by hood". Two young rapscallions, I've no idea of their crime (perhaps they were just idiots!) placed enormous hoods over their heads, which todays high wind blew over their faces, occasionally twisting them right round, but the fellows fought under these conditions, often missing each other and coming in danger of impaling their spectators!

entertaining, at least. I Hope something more interesting happens soon, I'm becoming quite restless.

Arklyn Lynks, Bard

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