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May 08, 2006


Hey mes dudes, sorry I'm being so lame with the updates, especially as I know how thrilled you all are with my in–school–exploits! Have to get down to the real work in a sec cos am being observed in the morning, numeracy this time (will hopefully go better than last week's ICT disaster!)

The whole thing is generally going quite well, am enjoying myself immensly, letters went out about the schoo trip last week, which is unfortunately the same week as my duel Link Tutor/Mentor observation and the Jug A"bandsoc" gig, but on the up side that week ends in a Carter Man–hoover Crash!, and isn't infact until after half term, so loads of time to prepare!

Following are a couple of comic pages on how to make a fantasy–orientated girl veeery happy–not generally accomplishable in the real world! Oh, in case anyone hasn't realised the error of their ways, we're LARPing this weekend, play–testing some system alterations, so come along and see our new shiney things! Not to mention Webster's new, shinier weaponry! I didn't write up the last adventure because I played (Yay!) and Anna isn't the diary–keeping sort of girl.

ANyway, have comic, enjoy!


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