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March 08, 2006

Battle of the Bands FINAL II!!!

Follow-up to Battle of the Bands FINAL!!! from Claire Blogden

Wow, last night was awesome! I was excited as a bagful of puppies who were just rescued by a benevolent passer-by from being thrown into a lake by their cruel owner from the minute I stepped into the Marketplace, and as that was 5pm, waiting was not fun!

I did get to oversee the draw though, for the final time sniff and you saw the results of that below. Here comes my very personal review of the night, ending with the actual result, so if you can't be arsed to hear me ramble, you know how to scroll!

Opening were Replica X, and though first is always a tough spot they didn't let it shake them and went all out with their performance, although because of the emmense lighting rig TSG had advised no repeats of last years insane moniter-climbing action. Charles did it anyway, but sans bass, bless 'im. A good choice of songs, although I hope next time I see them "Heavy Metal Ninja" will return-it has been gone too long! Ollie was all over the stage like bird-flu on chicken nuggets and I think the energy they created had a brilliant effect of getting the crowd ready for the night ahead…

They were followed by Eigth Day Descent, whose name I spelt wrong on the running order. Sorry chaps. As in their heat these guys radiated sheer enjoyment as they rocked their socks off-I even heard some of the lyrics today, which was ace! Dan's hair looked fantastic, and tonight proved beyond a doubt that Chaz is the most awesome drummer ever!! + mosh pit,= exxxcellent!

Third were The Carter Manoeuvre, who I love as we know, but tonight I fell in love all over again! THe new song which started with the accordian was so haunting and them it just grabs you and whisks you away and the harmonies were gorgeous! I think it's great that Dan has done his best not to just join the band but to add his own ideas, and everyone should own an EP!

Next were A Day Remains, who I thought played the best set I've heard in ages-the harmonies really came over today and there was definate energy-Toby was jumping even before the music kicked in! I'm loving the new tunes and think its a shame that more people can't see where this band are coming from-they're so dark sometimes it's unreal and I'm looking forward to hearing even more of them next year!

Now to the Indie! the So You Claim's wear laid back as always, with veeery catchy tunes and Rich has a lovely stage presence-I was trying to find Pablo at this point so I heard them more than saw them but what I did hear was just so cute, bouncy and yet not too chipper, very fun stuff.

Rounding the night off were The Rrrs, with the awesome Sharliza on vocals-what an outfit, what an entrance! what a super-poppy opener, and yet other tracks still retain their definate Radiohead influences. Again, I think this band don't get the credit they deserve, especially from some people who value technicality over enjoyability-the crowd were dancing their hardest all night, and 80% of them were girls! the band work really well together, look like they're having a lot of fun and I hope they bloody well keep doing it!

So, the Final result was, Third; Eighth Day Descent, 2nd; Replica X and 1st The Carter Manoeuvre, which I think was well deserved as they have worked hard and developed so much over the last two years. And I love them.

So, that's it for BotB 2006! The interesting thing is a few of the "big names" are moving on next year, but I'm not! Keep watching this space and I will keep you posted!

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