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March 07, 2007

So fresh and so clean!

Yo dudes!

Well, as usual I have far too much to do and too little time to do it in-the Great Clear-Out is almost complete, just a few more scraps of filing and another trip to the paper bank to do! Now to start those assignments…

What I have done is find time to update the vote incentives! Thanks to those of you still popping back and voting regularly, it really does make a difference! (to my ego as much as the charts! :-P)

EDIT I also got the next page up on DD, it’s a redux of the conversation with the dragon mage! It looks good and makes more sense now so go check it out!

This week’s theme is LARPs! Now, when you’re a LARP-er (which deep down I think most of us are! :-D) you can’t help but think up character concepts all the time. These two were developed for the Fools and Heroes system I was playing two years ago. That system had quite complex theology, but it was handy cos it helped a lot in the generation process. There were 7 gods who were pretty much good and they had their evil counterparts (though as players you weren’t supposed to know this!) The system revolved around everyone being “good”, i.e. you were law-abiding as far as everyone knew!

The character in TWC would be law-abiding. Her name is Walker. The back story was going to be her father was a Longstorian (follower of Longstor, keeper of the forest) Ranger, who did alot of scouting work for various noble causes. One day he walked out as usual but never returned. So she became a ranger too, in the hope of finding him.

In Buzz we have an (as yet) nameless Traldan. Tralda was the equivalent of Lady Luck, her symbol was a dice. She was the patron of enjoyment in a way, as if you were a woman playing one (and sometimes a man) you were suspected of being a prostitute. Traldans wore bright clothing, which is pretty much why I drew her, although the colours have faded with time.

One of the things there certainly was not in this system was a Theives Guild. And it was certainly not only thieves who used throwing weapons, and she certainly doesn’t have any in her hand or hidden in her boots…

This has got me trying to remember the other gods now! I was always accused of being a priestess of the Healing Goddess as my character wore white. She was a healer but not devout.

Anyway, yay for LARPS, yay for votes!

Also, if you are curious about our little society, the finale for this term is on Sunday, it really will be something to see! Come along, you know you want to!

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