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February 07, 2006

It's all over…I think

"Well, the problem is, all this Bard knows for sure is she's feeling a lot better than she was a couple of days ago. Two days ago was the last morning I spoke with Luthien and a group of quite/drunk weapon-weilders in the main room of the Hokey Mare. I gave them all the information I could discern about what had happened in Kia, and a strange key I had been given by a jibbering priest who had seemed to think it was of some importance to a ritual that happened in the middle of Kia about a year ago. Better late than never, eh?

"So I sent them towards the boarder with Sparky who had joined them before I left, and went in search of Thrond, who wasn't hard to find, especially as he now has followers, a left and right-hand of The Judge who have taken on his striking colour-scheme of red and black as well as his beliefs. I tried to tackfully point out that he had taken the orders from the wrong person in bringing a deseased creature across the boarder for money, he insulted my Goddess, we parted ways.

"The route into Kia is not so heavily guarded now, as all the guards are dead, so my plan was to find an alternative route to loop round and avoid anyfighting, as it tends to be dangerous to a Bard's health. On my way to the boarder I saw the two parties had joined up, under a shakey truce if any, and were beset by Goblins, who were jearing about how uninfected they were, and how the new masters of Kia were going to let them keep on pillaging and growing fat as they had there for the past year. If there's one thing I hate more than a goblin, it's a fat Goblin, but in my present state I would be more of a hindrance, so I pressed on.

"Secluded as I was I attracted the attention of a man in black. He teased me as though he thought I was going to fight him, or save Kia. Yes, of course, that's the logical answer when you find an ailing woman armed with only her dagger and a song hiding in the bushes. Pride has deserted me, I'll admit I'm no fighter.

"So this man; tall, healthy looking chap, probably good with a blade stood over me an gloated about how The Coven were almost free, that their master was returning, that this land was theirs, etc. By this point I wasn't so much afraid as bored. He told me to turn back, so I bowed politely and doubled back on myself.

It took me several hours to find an empty route and then to pick up the adventurer's trail of destruction; a mound of Goblin corpses, a be-headed fiend of the night and more dead Beasts than I care to think about. I think tere were demon corpses too, but they were decomposing into the elements by the time I crawled up the hill and could only guess that's what they were. Fear didn't really come until I came over the cusp of the great crater on top of the hill.

The bottom of it was painted blue, like someone had sneezed their snuff all over the place, it was the same shade as a Beast's slime. The hollow was full of death. There was one black-clothed man, not the one I had seen, more Beasts, 20 or 30 of them, and among the twisted remains were those of most of the party I had set off only that morning; the drunken farmer and the Viking from the Hokey Mare were there, as was the Akamian Priestess who had planned to learn her craft from Luthien. The Left and Right-hands of the Judge lay near the centre of the blue mess, and all the blood from every body was mixing with the powder and making an evil smell. How it would be safe to purify this place I have no idea.

"I saw nothing living in the foul place, and even more than the mystery of what had happened here pressed the mystery of where Thrond, High Priest of the resurrected Church of The Judge, Luthien, Chosen amongst her kind and named Daughter of Akam by the Goddess Herself, and Sparkey, the Fire Mage conscripted by the Fierce had gone. The silence in their absence was oppressing, so much so that I think they cannot have wlaked away from this place, but their bodies are not in it.

"And what of this strange Coven? Has the race indeed entered our world? what will they do if they have? And what shall I do, now I am left once more without a friend in the world? In Eim it will soon be time to choose sides, and I doubt whether anyone on the fair side of the baorder will mourn the loss of these brave souls. My only chance is Loxar, the Barbarian-he knew these people, and if I can secure his aid and that of his Barbarian Tribe we might be able fight whatever evil will come from this-because I know some will come...

"The Adventure continues, who knows how it will end?

"I want to find out."

Arklyn Lynks, Bard of the Scarred Lands.

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