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November 03, 2005


Yo mes readers, if indeed there are any!

I promised myself I was gonna do this today, then found some stuff on a certain forum that didn't impress me, then was chatting on msn and trying to update the Larps stuff, then watched Layer 05 of "Lain"...starting to get veeery weird in the wired….then a prog on adoption while working on chapter3 of My Imaginary Life, then started watching "Misery", only up to the point where she makes him burn the book and tells him she's been having a chat with God…then remembered I'd promised myself I'd do this…

Crapsticks it's almost 11…another 6ish hours sleep for me!

For Oh yes, School Practice is here again! Visited my new school today, and this really is HEAVEN SCHOOL! all the staff are sooo nice and most of the children are though there are plenty of behavioural issues for me to get my teeth into, the classrooms are spacious, there is pretty good ICT provision, teachers get PPA time covered by a qualified sub and the staff room is lovely!

Also, can we do the "I've-got-an-interactive-whiteboard" dance? I think we can….oh yeah, interactive learning, uh huh, extra incentives

This is it now, although I'll still be doing my society bits, writing during the week, socialising on the weekends, it's all about the school practice!

Forget the drunkeness and males and friends who don't text me back after I haven't seen them for three months! I'm gonna be switched on and do the best I can because if I can't do it, who will?

Also still quite happy as I played the FreshBlood Cabaret last night and people enjoyed my songs! Including one who wasn't already a friend/aquaintance! I've been asked to collaborate! Eeeeep! recognition, doesn't happen much but it's ace when it does!

Speaking of which, do you know how much effort went into that Hallowe'en poster?! More than's goe into finding my observation log for tomorrows Leading Literacy Teacher Observation, that's for sure. CrapCrapCrap…..

So yeah, ought to go nuhnights, 'specially as I'm sposed to be going to Crash! (feat. Slybob, the Sequins and Jesus Duluxe in a Coventry special) and the anime soc extreme all-nighter (red bull anyone?) Before scrubbing up on ICT in KS1 and the Great Fire of London/Warwick for history on Saturday. And running LARPs on Sunday.


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