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January 03, 2007

Change?! We don't like change…


Yay for mirroring!

Yeah, so two days late…um…as you should all know by now, school starts Monday (hope everyone starting today is ok! man you guys are keen…) so chances are updates are going to be sporadic at best-especially as the next page is quite complex…”Claire might actually have to try and understand photoshop” complex, and I’ve got a busy few days ahead so no promises… I’ll make it up to you somehow!

One way is todays redux; the first imagined scene with Isaac; man he’s pretty! I put into the exaggerated style because it is all in her mind, afterall. All the positioning and expressions are worlds better! There is one more redux page; the update schedule for drunk duck is now mon/weds/fri, because now I can just scan in what already exists and pin it up which takes 5 minutes! Where as for you guys I have to draw the thing, shade it…and I just got an email from Copic saying that site doesn’t distribute outside the US! :( so now I have to start ordering all over again. sigh. And it’ll be more expensive! Ah well…it’s what my Christmas money was for!

Anyways, stick with me, I’m sure it’ll all work out fine…Now…packing…riiight…

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