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March 01, 2005

Teaching, Day 15

Well, it's never going to be perfect, but I've got as close as I can!

I had a crazy day, Literacy this morning was pretty good-it was observed by my mentor, and although there are many things still to work on, there has also been a fair bit of improvment! horray! No I just have to tweak my performance a little more for THE BIG ONE with not only my Mentor, but also Shirley Stanley, my Link Tutor…and we all know what happened last time she observed me…oh dear…well, my emotional crisis is pretty much over, although I will have to argue with the docters surgery again tomorrow about how lame their opening hours are, and how obviously I can't possible see anyone unless it's convinient for them. Bastards. Although, if I'm into all this "natural" living, maybe I shouldn't be messing with my hormones…oh well, two more days and I won't have a choice!

Anyway, back to the good bits-R.E. was great fun because they were being so well behaved I had them making noises that could be coming from the icon and got to do my StoryTeller bit with the legend, and even D- did quite a lot of work! I hope my praise was enough to keep him sweet tomorrow…

As for music, the tape which I was told was songs had instructions on it and the one which was supposed to be the instructions was songs so I got messed up, let them invent a rhythm with the percussion, taught them "ti-pi Canoe" and "Boom-a-chicka-boom" then we told the story of St George through the medium of percussion. I actually gave myself a headache (and possibly Miss Ward, and possibly half of year 6…) and am possibly going to get told off tomorrow, but it was so much fun :D

EDIT; had a message about my huge images, so I thought I'd show willing by removing one! Still, thanks to hywel for his interpretation, it was beautiful!

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