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January 01, 2007


Oh yeah, I’m sooo origonal!

You may notice there is no comic here. Start as I mean to go on, eh?! The thing is…I’ve been so busy reduxing and reading and seeing old friends that I haven’t had time to do todays strip, and it is New Years Day, the last day of holiday really for a while, so let me off, ok?! Indulge me for a moment in a traditional-type blog entry, joining millions of other online journallers who yesterday and today are reflecting on their lives and making you read about it! So, first things first;

What were the good parts of 2006?

I think the highlinght of this year has to be my trip to Aisa really. Obvious choice, I know but it was the most amazing experience of my life, I learned things, met new people, got a new perspective on a lot of things and also accomplished something big I set out to do rather than forget to organise it and waste time regretting what I didn’t do.

That experience kinda dwarfs everthing really…I suppose a successful school practice, making better friends with some people I’ve known for a while without really knowing, actually getting into gigging (sort of) and getting my own web page have also been good…there was a lot of good this year, I just can’t remember half of it! Oh the Brownie camps were ace too!

And becoming President of LARPS!

What were the not so good parts?

A definate not so good was the departure from this plane of my Great Grandma, or Tiny Nana as we called her. Then again, if anything does happen after we go it’s probably better for her, she was a dear soul and her quality of life was no longer what it had been.

Getting so drunk I couldn’t remember 5 hours of my life sucked too…mostly because it was caused by my then manager and I haven’t seen him since so probably never will discover what happened that night. And that incident at the Jug, those who know know which one.

What’s changed?

Apart from my hair? All the damn time?! Erm…

My address
The person I’m attached to
My feelings about certain people
My approach to footwear
My bedcovers, several times, Jo!
My drawing style
My MSN sign in
My printer

Anything stayed the same?

Not really, but what does?! My immediate family are still being wonderfully supportive of me, and I still have some of the best housemates in the world, those two haven’t and hopefully never will change! (Dave, it’s you and me, and eye-toys and no sleep all the way!)

So, what’s next, oh forward looking one?

First, let’s stay in the present to say a huuuuuge THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! to Caroline and her family for our new years eve party last night! It was great to see so many Knightcotians and beyond and to play the night away! Thanks too to Louise for transport!

So, yes, furture plans of a Blogden…

Obviously this is a big year for me as it’s going to be finals time! Before that I have to pull my in-school performnce up to grade 1 in all fields _; and hand in three assignments, one of which is thankfully almost done, the others not so much…

Then there’s the Extra Curricular side; term 2 is obviously Battle of the Bands term, so there’s entering that, but once again I am also organising Acoustic BotB so if you’re interested in entering or know someone who is, watch this space!

Then of course I can’t waver in my commitment to LARPS, which will be running every odd-week Sunday. (So much evil, so little time…)

At some point this year I also aim to pass my driving liscence!!

As far as the comic goes, just try to keep improving the art and get my self a higher profile, which can be achieved through the Drunk Duck community and the voting lists…a bit of learnin’ in the html dept wouldn’t go a miss either…

And of course I need to get a job, find somewhere to live, start paying off my debts and finish “Ocarina of Time” which I haven’t actually continued for a year and a half!!

Hmm..Busy year…

Whatever you decide/have to do this year, good luck everyone! Have an ace 2007!

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