January 01, 2007


Oh yeah, I’m sooo origonal!

You may notice there is no comic here. Start as I mean to go on, eh?! The thing is…I’ve been so busy reduxing and reading and seeing old friends that I haven’t had time to do todays strip, and it is New Years Day, the last day of holiday really for a while, so let me off, ok?! Indulge me for a moment in a traditional-type blog entry, joining millions of other online journallers who yesterday and today are reflecting on their lives and making you read about it! So, first things first;

What were the good parts of 2006?

I think the highlinght of this year has to be my trip to Aisa really. Obvious choice, I know but it was the most amazing experience of my life, I learned things, met new people, got a new perspective on a lot of things and also accomplished something big I set out to do rather than forget to organise it and waste time regretting what I didn’t do.

That experience kinda dwarfs everthing really…I suppose a successful school practice, making better friends with some people I’ve known for a while without really knowing, actually getting into gigging (sort of) and getting my own web page have also been good…there was a lot of good this year, I just can’t remember half of it! Oh the Brownie camps were ace too!

And becoming President of LARPS!

What were the not so good parts?

A definate not so good was the departure from this plane of my Great Grandma, or Tiny Nana as we called her. Then again, if anything does happen after we go it’s probably better for her, she was a dear soul and her quality of life was no longer what it had been.

Getting so drunk I couldn’t remember 5 hours of my life sucked too…mostly because it was caused by my then manager and I haven’t seen him since so probably never will discover what happened that night. And that incident at the Jug, those who know know which one.

What’s changed?

Apart from my hair? All the damn time?! Erm…

My address
The person I’m attached to
My feelings about certain people
My approach to footwear
My bedcovers, several times, Jo!
My drawing style
My MSN sign in
My printer

Anything stayed the same?

Not really, but what does?! My immediate family are still being wonderfully supportive of me, and I still have some of the best housemates in the world, those two haven’t and hopefully never will change! (Dave, it’s you and me, and eye-toys and no sleep all the way!)

So, what’s next, oh forward looking one?

First, let’s stay in the present to say a huuuuuge THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! to Caroline and her family for our new years eve party last night! It was great to see so many Knightcotians and beyond and to play the night away! Thanks too to Louise for transport!

So, yes, furture plans of a Blogden…

Obviously this is a big year for me as it’s going to be finals time! Before that I have to pull my in-school performnce up to grade 1 in all fields _; and hand in three assignments, one of which is thankfully almost done, the others not so much…

Then there’s the Extra Curricular side; term 2 is obviously Battle of the Bands term, so there’s entering that, but once again I am also organising Acoustic BotB so if you’re interested in entering or know someone who is, watch this space!

Then of course I can’t waver in my commitment to LARPS, which will be running every odd-week Sunday. (So much evil, so little time…)

At some point this year I also aim to pass my driving liscence!!

As far as the comic goes, just try to keep improving the art and get my self a higher profile, which can be achieved through the Drunk Duck community and the voting lists…a bit of learnin’ in the html dept wouldn’t go a miss either…

And of course I need to get a job, find somewhere to live, start paying off my debts and finish “Ocarina of Time” which I haven’t actually continued for a year and a half!!

Hmm..Busy year…

Whatever you decide/have to do this year, good luck everyone! Have an ace 2007!

December 31, 2006

Redux update

Well, that’s it, all the art work for the redux is done, just have to scan it in and sort the lettering!

It’s taken up a lot of my holiday and I’m very aware of that, but I think it’s been worth it and I’ll just have to catch up on my studies in the new year! I’ve reduxed all but the final page of chapter 1 bacuse I think that crowd scene is fine as is. There are a few later pages earmarked for redux as I go through; the scene with the “dragon mage” talking for instance is far too crammed onto that tiny page, and would work better if Christine looking around was at the bottom to give more emphasis to the disappearance and silence on the next page. But that doesn’t happen for ages!

I’ll give you a wee taster, for anyone who hasn’t been over yet; changes to this page are less Isaac (sorry girls) but more explosion! Also, there’s a cameo-anyone see anybody they recognise?!


Also, don’t forget to hit those shiny vote buttons!

The whole, glorious redux can be viewed (with convenient arrow buttons and drop-down menu) at www.drunkduck.com/My_imaginary_life

Have a good New Years everyone! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do! (yeah, cos that narrows your options….!) See you in 2007! xxx

December 28, 2006

Better of two evils?


OMG, it’s only the third page of chapter nine?! I’ve been reduxing so hard it feels like things should be much further on…but all I’ve been doing is re-drawing chapter 1!! Oh well, it’s worth it; the layouts are much better and Ricky no longer has inhumanly skinny legs on his intro!

Speaking of layout, I’m rather proud of this one! Much more “pro-comic”, and as I got 6, yes, 6 books of manga fro Christmas I’ve been viewing a lot of pro pages! Here’s a little review of what I’ve read so far;

Fushigi Yugi, the mysterious play, volume 14; Prophet.
Story and art by Yu Watase
Published by VIZ

Yes, Voloume 14!! What made me really sick is that the entire thing only took her three years to draw! (then again, if you’re able to draw all day, everyday I suppose it’s possible…I’m only half way to a volume by her standards!) Anyways; I haven’t read all of this-I’m rationing myself a chapter a day because I only have two volumes before I’m going to want to buy more!

This is the continuation of the story of Miaka Yuki, Priestess of Suzaku and her true love Tamahome. The God Suzaku granted a before then impossible wish and allowed Tamahome to be reborn into Miaka’s world so they could be together. He is now a regular senior high student called Taka, and tthey’re all happy so yeah, obviously something has to go wrong!

Turns out Suzaku had a place in this world too and was guarding an ancient evil in a binding spell made with the other three constellation Gods. However, his portion of the seal was broken when archeologists broke into the chamber to see what it was. (They didn’t know, obv!) So, Suzaku (who is gorgeous and has a very cool costume and awesome wings!) appears to Miaka and asks for her help. She tries to keep it all a secret from Taka initially so as not to worry him, but you know that’s not going to be possible!

This is perhaps a little spoiled for me as I found the OVA on youtube a while ago, so have already watched one version of the story. However, Watase’s art and story-telling is so beautiful that I’m going to enjoy this just as much, perhaps more because I’ll see it how she really meant it to be! Hope Tamahome gets his powers back soon-he’s a little wimpy as a normal boy…other reasons I love these books are they are a shoujo/bishonen fans dream; all the men are beautiful and Watase isn’t shy about looking at all types of relationships that can occur in a plot line-they are always feasable, and it just makes you appreciate how well she knows her characters! (Ah, poor Nuriko…) Also, her free-talks are very informative. In the previous books she talked a lot about how the characters developed and her trips to China to sketch temples and palaces to base her fictional ancient Chinese settings on. In this book she’s talked a lot about having to relate to difficult fans, what she wants to do with the work, her own limitations as the artist (ie her producers etc decide what will really be done) and her reaction to the anime, which she had no part in creating! So yeah, learning an fun!


Dragon Knights volume 1
Story and art by Mineko Ohkami
Published by TokyoPop

This is a new series for me. The quote from my brother as I opened them was “I thought shopping for you would be easy, but FP had so many! But this one has dragons…”

The cover art is extreme; very angular and the eyes have no pupils! But inside it’s all very friendly! The stories are about Rune, Rath and Thatz, three adventurers somehow gotten together by the Dragon Lord and each given a magic sword frm which they can summon a dragon of a certain element. I think these go with their personalities;

Rune is a good boy who just wants to get the severed demon Lord’s head back to Draqueen and complete their mission. He’s quite gentle and the mor effeminate of the trio. His dragon is water.

Rath is the “loxar” type, all he wants to do is fight demons and slay, slay, slay the evil all day long! He rarely thinks about what he’s doing. His dragon is fire. (he breaks the sword by the end of the volume and his dragon travels mostly on his head!)

Thatz is an ex-thief who’s in it for the money. His dragon is Earth.

The is a pretty cute book, and very fast moving! most of the big battles get skipped straight over, with our heroes victorious, so you can be off balance for a lot of it, but it’s very humourous and they’re all so good natured you can’t help but enjoy yourself as you stroll along with them! There’s (so far) no hugely emotional attatchment, it’s pretty light going as far as my collection is concerned! Plus they were drag by story 2! it was very amusing! So yeah, if you want something that’s good fun and a good combination of action, comedy and a few sparkley eyed females being saved from their terrible fate (and one ex-man-eating witch’s apprentice out to start life for herself) this one is for you!

I know this is a very long entry, but that comment just made me think, I’me gonna write my collection in here too! Any you want to know more about, let me know!

Sailor Moon by Naoko Tekeuchi Who doesn’t know about Sailor Moon?! I own the entire comic series except book 4 of Sailor Moon Supers, which I can’t seem to find anywhere…also have a few episodes in singular comic form. Mmm colour covers!

Fushigi Yugi by Yu Watase Volumes 1-15

Seraphic Feather by Hiroyuke Utatane and Yo Morimoto volumes 1-4 A less girlie series this; plenty of blood, guts, alien beings and a Angel class agent with a killer figure and wardrobe that barely covers it! Features a girl getting her top half blasted away only for it to knit itself back together; the detail in these comics always astounds me, they took the effort to show various levels of internal organ reconstruction…shame emblem seeds can’t reconstruct clothes though…:3 Plus some of the characters are actually out of high school!!

Dragon Knights by Mineko Ohkami volumes 1-3

and various ones I picked up in Japan/Malaysia/Singapore which I haven’t a hope in hell of reading, but man are the pictures ever pretty!!

December 24, 2006

All I want for Christmas…


Funny enough this is the first MIL Christmas special-dunno what I was up to last year…recovering from teaching practice/pub shifts I expect…So, as if this needs any explaination, here are 3 MIL “characters” imagining who they want for Christmas! (In case you didn’t know, my brother has a Wii, and Twilight Princess is the prettiest thing in the world!) Sorry Link’s eyes are so scary…If you want to see an even bigger version (though not much as I am in the habit of shrinking images now) check here; http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/45273929/

Here’s how things are going at mine at the moment; Dad is striding around the place, feelig victorious as he has restored his email, my brother has been conned into an extra hour of work (he’s been there since nine, it’s now half 3) Mum’s making all the festive foods of goodness (including mince pies!) in the kitchen while Nan bemoans the season to her sister on the phone (“we had Marks and Spencer in our day and we appreciated what we got etc, etc!) While I have a Viva Pinnata headache…4 hours=level 16, only I’ve lost my favourite squirrelything…I shouldn’t be let near games machines…

EDIT; the DrunkDuck special is up; http://www.drunkduck.com/My_Imaginary_Life/ also, I’ve updated the incentives; I’m having a couple of days off from the online world, so I’ve done everything today! THis weeks influence is music, King Crimson actually, curtesy of Russel Brooks all those years ago!

Anyway, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF YOU! I hope you appreciate all your gifts, meet someone nice under the mistletoe, and never get sucked in by cutesy pooter games! Love to you all! xxx

December 21, 2006

Getting ready again


OK, now any of you keeping up with th redux might be thinking “this looks familiar…it just has less words…” Now, don’t get cross, I’m not diddling you out of a page, there is a reason for the repeat which will become apparent…oooh in chapter 10!! And no one call me lazy, either! I’ve been slaving away over a hot…well, I suppose the rubber heats up most, to create the following ing the last few days;

An entire prologue redux in the A4 format (just shading on the last page to do!)
Three pieces of present art (which were duly squeed over, thank you guys!)
One Tales from the Scarred Lands character design (overdue)
Five sections of The Tale of Anna; unfortunately mostly setting stuff up, but the action will come soon!

I’ve also had something of a life, too, including an afternoon Christmas shopping with mum and taking the whole of yesterday off because Dave visited and we were at the seafront all day. (Anyone remember EQ? It’s called The Lounge now and looks like aomeone wrapped it in masking tape!) Yesterday was a lot of fun.

So yeah, here’s all that remains to be done;

Redux chapter one (only about 7 pages!)
Attempt to get ahead on chapter 9
Christmas specials! (I realised my initial idea won’t work on Drunk Duck so now I have to do two :()
Various cards, most importantly J’s birthday one as it’s his 19th tomorrow! Argh!

ANyway, this blog has mainly been for my benefit! Hope you like the entry, I’ll see you soon! x

December 19, 2006

heh, well, worth a try!

Thanks Casper, short, sweet and to the point!

So yeah, the incentives are up! (And my room is tidi…er…ish)

In future weeks they will all have a theme, this week’s glimpse at art as I see it sees a picture from my childhood (TWC) and one with the world of work as an influence (Buzz)

Man it was funny going through that draw….was gald to find more fan art than I thought I’d done, so I don’t purely draw from my own head…somethimes!

Also found my year book this weekend! I might share some of the gems with you…it’s all pretty positive, although the recurrent Goth comments are a little worrying, didn’t realise how many there were! THen again I was very proud of my Gothness in those days…knee high black socks and my first pair of DM’s sigh. Well, we all had to start somewhere!

December 18, 2006


Yes folks, it’s here! you can now view the redux cover for chapter 1 on drunkduck, while here is the new cover! To see it in it’s full glory, click the new Pastie to go the deviantart version, where it can be viewd muuuuch bigger!


The plan is main updates will be monday and thursday as long as I can keep up with that, the redux will hopefully be every day this week! (such outragous claims!) so that the only thing I’ll be drawing when on practice will be the main story as I hope to have caught up to myself by the end of the holiday. If I haven’t…welll…I’m sure it’ll be fine!

Incentives will be updated later-now I’m home I have a wealth of old artwork, some of which is just comical, to give you a glimpse at my humble beginnings!! Hey, we all have to start somewhere!...

I’ll keep ya posted! x

December 15, 2006

they just keep on coming…

Why, thank you, Sarah! Just for you (and anyone else who is enjoying the Redux but is too afraid to say!) there is another new page today!

Monday is going to be a super exciting DOUBLE COVER DAY!!! yes, in a stunt like not other, not only will the wickedcool Copic Colour Cover be available to you guys but the Redux front cover will be on Drunk Duck!

Although, I got the “rating” buttons for the first time today, they are; suitable for everybody, teens+ (no obsenities, occasional violence, no nudity) mature (occasional obscenites, some graphic violence, some implied sex/nudity) and Adult (sex, swearing and beating the crap outta each other!)

I’d been hoping to keep to teen+, but seeing as Isaac has no clothes on in the prologue, an eye gets slashed out and an extra just swore, had to bump it up to mature! Don’t wanna get booted off my new server!

Also, for the first time ever (and which I find quite exciting) I had little “first, previous, next and last” arrows under my work!!!

Ah, doesn’t take much, does it!!


Why wasn’t keenspace this simple?

MIL goes global; now a member of Drunk Duck studios! for reduxed prologue goodness, go here;


also, the vote links work on both sites, so you only need to vote from here or DD, ok? but please do one of them! So, that means I’ve gotta get my ass in gear over Christmas…Redux, chapter 9 and research project? Why not!

December 14, 2006

Coming soon…


Yep, here’s another special, a little taster of what’s to come in chapter 9; Shock! Who’s hugging Christine? Whose got a New Message? what the heck is that thing down the bottom?!?! You’ll have to keep reading to find out!

Also in MIL news; Christmas is coming early because not only is Mondays Cover one of the most awesome pieces I have ever created (in my own, humble opinion!) _but_the new layout is pretty much completed thanks to the wonderful George (a.k.a. chilli, according to msn!) so things are about to change…

Right, time to go be experimented on then clear out the LARPS cupboard…I bet the blood’s all congealed…

Oh, don’t forget to vote!! xxx

EDIT: OK, so I’ve just found another webcomic community that appears to be easier to get a space on than KeenSpace. If I joined that community it would mean starting the comic over again (with the redux! XD) and I would probably move all voting etc over to that site. I would also keep updating here until the two site were aligned so the story wouldn’t slow down for all you awesome people who have been here since the beginning! You’d be able to go from here to there but I wouldn’t link this page to that one (if that makes sense) so the new audience could be accumulated normally and not rush through the archive, especially as I will use this as an excuse to redux any later pages I’m not happy with.

What I’m basically asking is would people be willing to go across to the new site to vote (baring in mind there will be new shiney things over there too!) and do we think it’d be worth getting a proper, within-community site and moving away from the blogs?

One of the main bonuses would be high quality pictures without having to click on the image, nice accessable archive and I could probably make links pages etc to other comics, the comments are in more of a shoutbox style plus you can have character pages, FAQ’s, you know, a normal website! And I think it’s free..I’m pretty sure it is…

So yeah, what do people think?

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