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October 25, 2005

Go RaW!!

Writing about RaW Nominated for Student Radio Awards from RaW Newsblog

Just like to say well done to all the people who produced and are starring on the entries for the RaW SRA (Student Radio Awards) entries that got nominated on Saturday. A nice selection of nominations in the SRA's (Student Radio Awards), hopefuly those nominations can be turned into fully fledged wins in November.

Must admit a bit at shock horror at RaW not getting nominated for best station likewise Surge's entry which was quite good with the judges choosing an interesting mix for this one although I beleive Royal Holloways Insanity have on best station in the past. Obviously I don't know as much as I thought about what makes a best station entry but C'est la vie theres always next year!

Also, like to say well done to Alex one of my best friends from home in getting nominated for best male as its a tough catergory and after listening back to his entry for it today its definitely well deserved and even though he is part of a competing station, I hope he does well and picks up a nice shiny medal in November. Maybe one year I will have the time and guts to produce an entry for best male. Your going far my boy!

October 22, 2005

New Pictures!!

Yes, I have finally started putting some pictures of my time in america online, admittedly so far only the ones that mainly don't have me in them due to actually getting photos off of people seems to be quite hard but there are a few with me in them.

They are HERE!!!
on Flikr which I did like until today when I realised you can only have a maximum of three sets without paying, will have to find another hosting system. Would use blogs, but can't be bothered zipping stuff and interface is less good.

Apparantly theres some photos floating around of me completely pissed with a bottle of vodka in one hand givind a speech last Saturday. I must get hold of those and destroy them plus they would be handy for me to have as due to excess alcohol I'm having trouble actually remembering anything that happened after 11pm on Saturday. The vodka was free though.

A couple of quick sport messages
(which you can guess who I'm on about if your bored),




October 10, 2005

New one from Shakira

As AOL put it I am one of the privilaged few to hear her Shakira's hit 'Don't Bother' which doesn't even hit the US radio stations until tomorrow, and I feel privilaged as its good.

The Shakira style, fresh and spiced up is probably the best i can describe and it feature some good changes in pace throught the song in true Shakira style but they actually seem to gel together better than normal.

Its off her album 'Fijación Oral 2 and the single in cd form are not out until November 29th in the US but I believe its going to be availiable to download later this month and I would advise having a listen to it if you get a chance.

On other news, its cold and winter is on its way now :( so next weekend will probably be my last chance to go kayaking/canoing.

October 06, 2005

Shiny new CSS + a promised update

Woo! I do know CSS! as you may have noticed there is now a tiny picture of me on the banner of my blog plus a couple of other subtle changes.

If you want to know where the pciture is taken it is Interstate Park, on the border between Minnesota and Wisconsin in the US on a climbing trip I went on 10 days ago now will put full pictures in gallery once I have cut them down to size due to taking them with my new 7mp camera (its lovely!) the whole pictures are over 2mb at the moment.

Worked 12 hour days for the past 3 days so rather knackered now.

And exciting news, it rained today, although I didn't see it, the ground was wet when I left the computer lab today where for some reason all the Dell PC's there I noticed have 9 usb ports, do they think people will seriously bring 9 periphials to plug into them?

Will do some more proper blogging soon, promise, so much have happened though, and I have so little time.

Anyway bed as it is nearly 1am here in central US timezone

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