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May 24, 2005

Nooo! Crazy Frog theme tune outselling Coldplay, Speed of Sound

Writing about web page

This is serious people

The Crazy frog theme tune is outselling the Coldplay classic Speed of Sound.

This must be stopped,

How can the Beverly Hills theme tune (although it is reasonably good) with that most annoying crap Crazy Frog ringtone over the top beat Coldplay with their fantastic real music song.

I am calling on all people in the music industry to prevent Crazy Frog reaching number one by stop giving it so much exposure. Like Scot Mills discussing it for 5 minutes and subsequently playing it on his Radio 1 show today, Why!!!

It shouldn't even be allowed to be counted as 'music' and not included in anything deemed a music chart for starters

That ends my procrastinating rant

May 20, 2005

Univeristy of Wisconsin Madison here I come!

Well I pretty much told everybody now in my Warwick bubble that it seems that I will be study what they use to call the land of the free, America providing:

a) I pass this year (2:1 needed ouch!)

b) I get a US Visa

So I have started a special section of my blog to write down all the things I go through associated with this fantastic opportunity

Went to see those lovely people at STA Travel today to see about flights, looks like I will be stuck in a British Airways plane over the atlantic for 7 hours in August to get there, and the price I pay to be stuck in a metal can with 500 other people: £343, but can't grumble as I'm not paying! Just selling my soul to the Warwick University and Bournemouth Borough Council who will graciously pay for most my travel.

That will take me London-Chicago and from there will probably bus it. I wonder if its possible to see the musical Chicago in Chicago? that would just be cool!

May 07, 2005

What happened to this

Follow-up to Fitness Chart Day 1 from The Blog of Craig

Well I suppose at least went for a swim this week, but next week when I actually have free time will endeavour to relight the campaign to get and keep fit, (yeh right!)

So nearly there….

Woo, one assignment to go and then its time to really get stuck in to revision, can't wait to Monday when its in and I start the 4 week revision session.

God, i love this song: Globes and Maps – Something Corporate playing off the PC now, I wonder what the world would be without music? probably really booring

On other notes the 40th anniversary open day went really well in the end with RaW in the piazza apart from the initial wind/rain but the brilliant dj's and the great 40th anniversary productions made it fantastic.

Back to the work!! (just wrote this post to procrastinate seeing as didn't really have point)

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