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April 27, 2005

Union in Chaos, 2 High Level Union Resignations, what will be next?

Writing about John Cross and the Union from RaW Election Blog 2005

Wow, union democracy becoming interesting I hear some of you say?

It seems like it is becoming more exciting than usual with disciplinary hearings, resignations left and right from the union executive committee and some of the parties involved talking and debating it live from the RaW studios from 5pm.

Its bound to kick off with the remanants of something life the David Kelly affair except affecting the union, so get by your radios and get ready for the rumble in the union jungle to begin

Live on from 5pm and of course 1251am!!

April 16, 2005

The dawn of a new term and a brand new RaW Pop show!

Wow, have I got some great stuff lined up for the 1st 3 RaW Pop shows of this term, I have some cracking cheese as the Wallace and Gromit line goes and new features including the competition 'You've been Busted!' (check out the RaW Pop website for details), and some of the jingles (when I finish recording them on Monday) are starting to sound good.

So don't forget to tune into RaW Pop on Monday at 7pm to see what all my random excitement is about

April 12, 2005

Assignments why can't they just do themselves?

Writing about web page

OK, so some smart professors over in the good ole USA have invented a program to mark essays. Quite a good idea really makes the job of the lecturer or marker a lot easier but why can't it just work the other way around.

You get a brief for an essay fill it into this form on this computer program, answer a couple of questions enter a through random fields so that it will be slightly different to everyone else who uses the program and it writes your essay for you.

Maybe when I find some time I might write the program myself charge £1 for each use (depending on word limit of course) and there must be a few million students in the world who would be willing to trust a computer to write their essay so I could soon be rich then I won't have to write any essays any more.

Or why not just cut out the middle man and give us the multiple choice questions you are getting the computer program to ask of the essay and then everybody will have some free time instead of being stuck in the library like me procrastinating by writing this blog entry when I'm meant to be doing an assignment.

On other news my computer mouse blew up yesterday with smoke and everything in the library, it was quite exciting!

April 11, 2005

Fitness Chart Day 1

OK, today I did:
– 2000m on rowing machine in about 8m20s (Slowed down toward end due to sweaty hands – must find solution)

– 1650 steps on the multitrainer in 15m (Thats just poor!)

– A liitle bit of weights on the legs

– 10 lengths of the pool

Time to get fit (again)

Ok, the whole point of this section of my blog which I created back in February was to keep track of my fitness and stuff, but as usual I have failed miserably…

So new term, new leaf. I have decided after going to the gym for the first time in a month that I will endeavour to do some exercise at least every other day, if not every day because to gain 4kg in a month (and no I don't think its muscle) although I'm not overweight can't be going in the right direction.

I'm not going to write one of my legendary fitness timetables as I won't keep to it. Instead I'm going to introduce a rule:-
No Formal Exercise = No Chocolate + No Tv/Movies + No alcohol

Seeing as I know for a fact I can't live without chocolate or alcohol or some light relaxation watching an episode of 24 or the west wing I thing this is a reasonable punishment.

Notice the word formal in there, thats to stop me using the excuse that lifting a couple of boxes or a pint up to my mouth as exercise. If I'm not wearing shorts, then it certainly doesn't count

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