December 06, 2005

The start of a big change in the world of radio?

Writing about web page

As the BBC and other news sources reported today music radio licensing for podcasts has finally begun admittedly mainly only indie music, the notoriously slow PRS and MCPS will probably soon follow suit.

I reckon this will change the face of online radio with people able to download their favourite shows and become their own program controller and compile their own schedule. Up until now podcasts have only been allowed to include non-copyrighted music.

I find it quite funny AIM (assoc. of independent music) who are offering this new online music license don't have an up to date website, although saying that while have been writing this post they have just updated their website but apparently this license for "bedroom" podcasters (whihc surely student radio can be classed as) for 6 months is going to be a couple of hundred and commercial much more which doesn't sound too bad although it depends on what actual record labels are included in this deal which could mean its a rip-off

Another interesting thing I have just realised is that does this mark the change for UK licensing by the record labels actually controlling it instead of mainly one company like PRS, which would surely create a headache in terms of sorting out licenses for radio stations and may see some restricted to set genres of music depending on what licenses they buy.

Any way just my thoughts, back to writing this lab report then I guess

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  1. Alex

    Interesting-ness! Of course with the licencing there's not only PRS and MCPS, but PPL as well, who are not also notoriously slow, but also don't really know what they're doing. Give them a ring, tell them how you broadcast online, ask them how much a licence is, and they can't tell you. Podcasting WILL play a big part in the future, but I still don't think it will ever replace the traditional person sat in the car on the way home from work turning on the good old car radio to hear a couple of new songs, a couple of their favourite songs, something funny, and a travel bulletin to check they won't get stuck half way home.

    09 Dec 2005, 10:17

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