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April 27, 2006

Where do you find the next White House press secretary? Fox News of course..

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Fox News was the recruiting ground that President Bush chose to find his next White House Press Secretary opting for the conservative political commentator, Tony Snow.

I still don't fully understand why Scot McClellan resigned from the post maybe he just got fed up of trying to defend his boss amid falling ratings or is there something else like maybe he found out Bush knew more about certain CIA and Iraq secret information leaks and is not prepared to lie to media about Bush's role in them. The timing of Lewis Libby saying Bush may have had a role in leaks does seem to be a bit of a coincidence.

So will Tony Snow bring with him the notorious inaccuracies and biased of Fox news. I guess thats what President Bush is hoping for as apart from a few policy disagreements Tony Snow is as much a Bushite, as Alistair Campbell is a Blairite and add 2 l's after u in Bushite and you have what he will talk about most of the time.

Seems quite a clever move to hire a journalist to do the job though, an insider from the white house press core seeing as they were his colleagues he's likely to get on with them well and already know them a bit. Is Bush setting a precedence by getting a journalist to do the job though instead of the usual PR men and women?

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