December 05, 2004


Well can't believe we made it – 10 weeks away from home and we're still alive!!! Glad to see something other than pasta or chips on my plate at tea time though – God Bless mother's they're the best!!!! That said I can't wait to come back!! – Grass is always greener and all that!!! but first….......
Christmas!!! Yep you guessed it I'm really big on Christmas and the main point to this entry is to scream..

Only problem is haven't even bought one present!!

October 28, 2004

A pondering!

Just wondering if anyone else had noticed that rain and darkness seem to go hand in hand lately!! It seems that we can't have night without rain even is – as it was today – the weather is perfectly gorgeous all day!! I find it very strange and also annoying as when going out at night one doesnt want to take a coat but during the day it doesnt matter as much. This has led me to believe that they (the rain and night that is) are part of a huge conspiracy to be as annoying as is possible to us mere mortals!! Or of course it could just be coincidence – hmmmmm…

October 25, 2004

An apology!!

just a quick after thought: anyone who recognises pictures from their blog im very very sorry i didnt have a camera of my own so have stolen them there arent many anyway!! -SOOOOOOOOORRY!!

A Confusing Mathematical Challenge!!!

Ok here goes i think i understand it now tho have spent all night arguing with certain housemates who shall remain nameless- Kyle about the correct answer!!! I found the problem in a great book – "The Curious Incident of The Dog in the Night time" but the original question is "The Monty Hall Problem" and the answer published in a magazine called the Parade by Marilyn vos Savant…..

Your on a gameshow and are about to win a flash sports car!!! You are shown 3 doors and asked to pick one, behind one door there is the car behind each of the other 2 is a goat. So you pick a door and the gameshow host ten open one of the other 2 doors to reveal a goat. They then ask you if you wat to change your mind. What do you do…..?

The sensible thing is to change as this would increase your chances of winning the car to 2/3 where if you don't change it is only 1/3. Your mind is telling you to stick right? As surly there's now a fifty fifty chance of being right?!?
Let me show you how..

so you see if you change 2 times out of three you get the car!!!! Strange but true!! I know I havent explained this very well but am still coming to terms with it myself!!! Hope you can see it makes sense :)

October 16, 2004


Have finally got round to creating a blog!!!!! Have to say is mainly due to my crazy sister wanting to see the pictures of my cool housemates!!! well am out of things to say already its all waffle, blah blah blah! have a nice day!!! (or night!!)

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