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October 05, 2007

The Value of Sleep

Well, one week down since I came back, I think I will miss the societies fair when it’s gone, it was fun to pester them in my lunch breaks.. At no other time are people so enthusiastic to speak to you.

Apparently, you can join mountaineering society when you hate hills, and take an axe to salsa class (this is the sort of conversation you get when you put salsa opposite LARPs organiser-people).

I had a lie-in yesterday, and after only a week of getting up at 6am after a year of getting up.. rather later, it felt soo good. So, sadly it really is true that you only appreciate your free time when you don’t have much!
I have been sleeping probably too much this last year, so I expect much feeling crappy before I get back to normality.

On the work front, labs going well, I have no idea why I am doing what I am doing (yet) but hopefully I will fix that today..

October 02, 2007

Halp (or How do I meet People?)

Well, I’m sitting in the Learning Grid (and have been since 6.45am-ish) and as a start of term procrastination measure have rediscovered Warwick Blogs

For those reading who don’t know me (which should be all of you) I am a 4th year Chemistry student who should have graduated last lear. Long story short, I was ill, had to take time out- now I’m back and feeling like a fresher with no Halls or lectures to meet people in..

Now I’m unfortunately not one of those people that relishes long days spent in my own company reading and the like- I just don’t work after about 3 hours alone time.. I end up here, for example.

So the problem comes down to this; I need to meet people, and the usual avenues are limited, as is my time. Excluding lectures and residence there are a few ways..

1. Randomly speak to people at bus stops/cafes etc and hope they are responsive.
Too risky, I’m a scaredy-cat, and 4th years aren’t supposed to need to put effort in to be social…

2. Wait to be randomly spoken to
Um, could take a while and if i were, they may just be hitting on me/asking for directions etc

3. Latch on to one of the few people you vaguely know, and hope they don’t think you’re too much of a stalker when you want to meet up every other day (or that you’re hitting on them.. that’s bad too)

4. Join a society (this is the solution most of the people I have asked for advice give)

Problem is, all the societies I’ve been interested in I have already joined, experienced the cliques, and misunderstandings (a friendly female does not equal the love of your life Compsoc members, no really)

I really don’t want to become the crazy student who visits the careers drop-in all the time because she just wants someone to chat to…

So…. Halp.

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