October 17, 2011

Reading Autobiography & PP1 Reflections

Reading Autobiography

I cannot remember much of learning to read but there were always books in the house. The earliest books that stand out in my memory were The Magic Key collections; I can remember being extremely excited when I was able to choose a new one. At KS2 I loved the Enid Blyton classics, Jaqueline Wilson and, strangely, Lord of the Rings.

My favourite books as a child must have been Enid Blyton’s ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’, ‘The Enchanted Wood’ and ‘The Folk of the Faraway Tree’. The books let me escape into a magical world which I wanted (even tried) to relate to, the characters were bizarre and the storylines even more so.

Recently I have been reading the ‘Seeing Stone’ Trilogy by Kevin Crossley-Holland. They are fantastically easy to read, you are able to empathise with the characters and I enjoy the premise that even though the two main characters are far apart they are still able to have such an influence on each other’s lives. I’m definitely looking forward to reading ‘King of the Middle March’.

My friend is a hoarder and has more books to choose from than my local library, therefore, when I have finished one book I will tell her what type of book I would like to read (by genre/ emotional status/ how much time I’ve got/ ect…) and she will give me a variety to choose from.

Reflections of PP1 Experience

I read ‘Goldilocks Returns’ by Lisa Campbell Ernst to year 2. The schools focus for the term was traditional stories; therefore, the teacher selected this book as an end of day read so the pupils weren’t overloaded by traditional stories but it was still in keeping with the theme. The pupils were organised on the carpet at the front of the classroom. I asked the children regular questions about words they may not have understood, their thoughts and their feelings about the book. I believe I could have engaged in more eye contact with the pupils whilst reading, but that may come with experience, and I will definitely have to work on my male voice, one area I don’t feel very confident about. I thoroughly enjoyed reading to the class, they all seemed engaged and it was lovely to see them calm at the end of the day.

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