April 12, 2011

Yr10 – Zero tolerance

Over the last few lessons I have felt that the general behaviour of my yr10 English class has deteriorated. Certain students are continually messing around and not working at a satisfactory level.

As this was deeply concerning me, I spoke with a couple of other teachers in order to find out how they might tackle this issue and they gave me some very sound advice which I decided to implement during today's lesson.

At the start of the lesson I informed the class of my concerns and told them that there would be a zero tolerance on all mis behaviour from this point onwards.

The starter activity of matching newspaper articles to the relevant pictures, headlines and sub-headings was an effective way of initially engaging the students and providing a visual example of presentational features to refer to during the rest of the lesson.

Following the starter activity I caught one student eating so I gave her a negative point straight away and informed her that she would be given another -8 points for staff refusal if she was caught eating again. Unfortunately, this student was caught eating again not too long after this and therefore she was given more points for staff refusal. I informed her that if caught a third time, she would be sent out of the lesson.  

I wrote the points and names on the board in order to remind me to put them onto the system at the end of the lesson and to provide a continual reminder for the students. I made sure that I was awarding good behaviour as well as punishing unwanted behaviour and this approach seemed an effective way of promoting the appropriate attitude to learning.

The students then analysed the presentational features of a given text and I felt that learning was visible through questioning and discussionfollowing this activity. I used the name cards to ensure all students were engaged in the questioning and the class members that were questioned were clearly identifying the effects of the features used and commenting on the relevance to the text.

From here the students were then required to analyse the article from the exam-board exemplar material and consider how they would answer the question. They seemed to be making relevant connections between the previous examples analysed and the exam question which indicated understanding. However, I feel they will need to do some further work on closer analysis and providing more detailed responses to the questions.

I will speak to their classroom teacher about planning in another session on presentational features so that they can understand how to provide more detail and closer analysis in their written responses.

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