February 16, 2005

Colds are so rubbish.


I've got manflu. Only I can't as I'm a girl so I've got a cold. And it's rubbish! I've only had it a day and my nose is so sore and red and flaking and looks minging. Rubbish.

After reading my blog I have decided I officially lead an utterly pointless life! I can't think of anything mildly enertaining that I have done for ages. This makes me sad!

Anyway, Bambi's in the good books. Huge forest of flowers, champagne AND a teddy bear! And he's paying for tickets to go and see Much Ado on saturday, which I'm looking forward to seeing as I am not at all familiar with the play. I should really read it through first, or at least have a quick glance at the synopsis in my complete Shakespeare, but I can't be bothered to get up out of my seat as I ache. :@(

Colds are rubbish.

January 05, 2005

Damn 100 characters or less title.

Title said it all really.

Well it did, until I was told it was too long. It originally read "Why is it that I have all of this crap going round in my head but can't ever think of anything to post on my blog?"

So the previous statement said it all really, to be more accurate.

Doesn't it really piss you off when you text someone and they take AGES to reply and you really want them to? Or is it just me? I know I'm guilty of doing this myself – there were points in the Christmas "holidays" when it would sometimes take me three or four hours to reply to anyone, including Bambi – but it still really annoys me. You're all going to come back at me now and say "well what did you do in the days before mobile phones?". A weak argument. True, I did not yearn for a reply to a text message before the age of 15 when I got my first mobulator, but you know why? Cos I didn't send text messages as I didn't have a phone! But now I do, and the person I have texted also has one, and it really annoys me that I don't get a reply. And it annoys me because I wouldn't have sent the text message if I didn't want to speak to that person about something, however important it may be. Grrr.

Has anyone else been watching the big cat week things on BBC1? Am I sad to admit that?! I like big cats! They're well cool. I really really really want a big cuddly lion. And it would be even cooler if they miaowed rather than roared. Yay.

Was glad to get back after Christmas to find the house was still standing. I was getting really worried that I'd done an Andy, and not only our house would be totally flooded, but 5 other peoples' houses would be wrecked as well. Speaking of the house, it needs a comedy title. There's a house up the road from us called "Ye House", which is well funny. I want to live in a comedy house. Suggestions welcome.

Well that was fun. I'm going to find a cup of tea now.

December 15, 2004

Well done to anyone who actually finds my blog…

So, welcome to the wonderful world of Warwick Blogs.

I never actually know what to write on these things. I feel more than slightly uncomfortable using it is as an online diary as many of my friends are curretnly doing. I can't understand why they would want to do that (and before I get complaints, I'm not saying that it's wrong, or that you shouldn't do it. I'm just saying that I personally wouldn't fell very comfortable about doing it. And, indeed, that's (apostrophe in the right place, James?!) why I'm not going to do it. Phew). Ooh. Double parenthesis.

Actually quite bored at the moment. Don't particuarly want to go home but going to have to. Nothing to do at home in Leam as I'm all on my own with no Interweb. Oh well. Roll on January 5th…

Think I've ranted for long enough now, so I'll go.

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