November 22, 2005

It has been very cold as of late

Crikey, havn't blogged in a while. Oops.

It has, indeed, been very cold as of late. I'm finding myself wearing about 17 layers most of the time, and I have to start putting my coat etc. on 40 mins before I leave the house so I'm not late, as there are about 6 scarves to put on, and don't even get me started on the mittens…

Anyway, on the bus to campus yesterday morning, the world made me smile. It was 10.15, and still freezing. It was so cold that the trees and the fields and the fences and everything had a thick coat of white frost covering it. It was so thick it sould have been snow. I marvelled at how something so innocently beautiful could make me so smiley.

There are lots of people who don't like winter, and dread its arrival. My mum is one of those people. She hates the fact it gets dark at quarter past four, and that it's always cold. But I really quite like winter. I like coming in from the bitter cold into a nice warm house, especially if I'm at home as we have a coal fire. I like having an excuse to eat copious amouts of mince pies, and drinking brandy before I go to bed. I love the carols; end of term concerts. I'm even warming to Christmas again, despite me recent dislike of it. The Christmas (and Diwali) lights are up in Leamington, and it makes the whole place sparkle, which is hard to do, considering it's Leamington. I feel at home here.

I also like the fact this time of year brings out the best in people. They are friendlier, have more time for others, and do thoughtful things that they might not normally do. It makes me warm inside.

Please don't be sad; there are so many little things to make you happy if you look for them. The weatherman says it might even snow this week! Excited now.

Gosh, what a sentimental entry. Let me return to my hardened Northern-ness…

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  1. It's a lovely entry, and one that I agree with wholeheartedly.
    Winter is truly beautiful and makes everyone feel all snuggly. At least it should. There are a stupidly large number of unhappy people in my group of friends at the moment, and I hate it. I want everyone to be happy and cuddle more – tis the way forward.

    See you soon mate, and thanks for the boogying last night (even if I seem to be distinctly cold-ified this morning ;))


    22 Nov 2005, 11:07

  2. Well I'm trying to cheer up!! You are right though-when it's cold outside, nothing beats curling up in front of the fire (the one advantage to being at home. That and not paying the heating bills) and feeling all warm and snuggly. sigh....

    It looks as though I may have to descend (or ascend, even) to the Leamington!! Are there any concerts or things of that nature?

    22 Nov 2005, 13:09

  3. Concerts/stuff:

    Tues 29th Nov in Coventry somewhere
    Thurs 1st Dec Waldegrave or something
    Sunday 4th Dec big end of term concert in Adrian Boult Hall (we're singing a really … m … interesting selection of music. One great piece though)

    That enough for you?!


    Also – Phoenix concert which a few people from CC are in on the 9th – that's my work do that evening, so I don't think I can make it, but I know a few are.

    And then there will probably be some kind of new year thing going on, but that's to be confirmed…


    22 Nov 2005, 13:23

  4. Ooh.. now this is indeed interesting…

    am thinking of coming up anyway for 10th December as is WGA Christmas party..

    However the one on 4th Dec also sounds quite interesting.

    Where is Adrian Boult Hall??


    22 Nov 2005, 13:54

  5. Methinks that is how you spell it.
    I think it's in Brum somewhere.
    It's very posh…


    22 Nov 2005, 19:10

  6. Just out of interest, which "great piece" are you referring to, Lorna??

    23 Nov 2005, 20:16

  7. The Koethener (or however the hell you spell it) Mass.
    I think we're singing that…


    23 Nov 2005, 20:23

  8. Hello Caroline! Right, well considering your charming comment on my blog i thought it would only be fair to return the favour. So, here we go…
    Firstly, you say your mum doesn't like the cold? Remind me where you live again?! Also, when have you ever needed an excuse to have a drink of brandy or equally poisonous substance before going to bed? Another thing… perhaps you should start putting your coat etc. on 60 mins before you leave the house because you're always late anyway! Finally, you believe winter brings out the best in people and they're more friendly? Well, i think that this message proves that wrong…
    On a more serious note i'm glad the world is making you "smiley" and "warm inside". I hope the carols and concerts live up to your wishes. :)


    25 Nov 2005, 21:09

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