April 16, 2006


Agh. Im going back to leamington tomorrow, I havent been back since my treatment.

I'm walking into uni on wednesday for lectures, Ive never been able to do that. Ive always used my wheelchair, its such a wierd concept that i dont need it so much now. Im fairly scared, but very excited.

I am startin to freak out now about coming back, i was so scared this mornin in church. Its so exciting but its all so alien.

November 02, 2005

Halloween ball and Labs..

I got to the halloween ball!! it was great, I needed to get out so much!

I didnt go for the whole thing, and didnt dance for long at all, but it was a really good release. I was going a bit mad just going to lectures and then being stuck in the house most of the time.

I did pay for going outthough, yesterday my neck and head were agony by the time i got home from lectures. Thats just the way it is, my body seems to react to stuf 3 days after the event. I cant complain though, todays been an alright day :)

We had our first labs on monday, thankfully mine was short, we got out at 1:30!!! Amazing! Its really geeky i know but i kind of enjoyed getting back into the lab. I'm a bit worried about the longer lab sessions, if they go on til 5 i'm going to struggle to cope, i know i can leave early if i have to, but i hate having to do that. I feel like I'm skiving, even though i know i'm not.

Any ideas what fireworks to go to??

October 27, 2005

My first entry

I thought i'd finally start my blog, i signed up for one at the begining of last yeah and just never got round to putting anything on it.

I cant beleive its the end of week 5 already, it cant be half way through term! I feel like i havent done anything yet, its been a blur of early mornings and lectures with way too little going out.

I have M.E, so am somewhat limited in what i can do. I'm getting pretty frustrated with how little i've been able to do so far. I want to be able to stay in just cos i feel like a lazy evening rather than having to, and i even want to get more work done.

This saturday i will be at the halloween ball, i've decided that i need to get out, and I'm even going to dance for a bit. I need to let off some steam and I cant wait :) Some of my friends and I are going in matching costumes, its going to be brilliant!

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