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November 14, 2004

Order number: 205309470946098

Hmm… Jaffa cakes.. It's truly amazing how these things get addicting..

You might think that this sentence above is a misuse of punctuation, topped with the little cherry-on-the-top-of-the-cake useless topic that should appeal to the general public to create a misterious start of blog that lures the general reader like an insect towards a bug-light, only to be stung by the cruel spark of the realization that this entry is nothing else than the spirit of the blogger: The art of babbling. The art to sit in front of a computer and just allow two entities, the brain and the hands, to work separately to build what is truly a castle built with immaginary bricks, a mansion of nothingness and wasted time.

Anyway, today is another one of those weekends where you simply do not have the slightest will to go out, the littlest will to do something and the faintest idea of where EVERYBODY WENT! NOONE IS AROUND! And on a second and possibly lighter note, I have also been thinking (yes, surprisingly) about going back home for vacation, and how weird that would feel. Yes, for after all you've started living away for the first time and I guess your parents haven't really seen you for a while, and this is their first chance in 8 weeks and I predict it should be awfully akward, yet filled with facts to expose and stories to tell about your 8 weeks at university.

1950's parent mode off

Now everyone might have known me for being quite a passionate man when it comes to doing things, but the collateral side to this is that yours truly seems to get quite annoyed when things don't go quite as they're supposed to go. A blatant example of this is my little UPS adventure, which everyone that knows me has had a fill on, either by me telling the story of simply by rumors of me "switching" whenever I seem to hear the three letter acronym that spells out "Useless Parcel Service" along with lots of raised middle fingers at the UPS trucks that go down University Road once every so often. In fact, i've even made a little work of art to describe my feelings toward that wonderful company that has managed to have my parcel arrive over 3 weeks late:

Ah the memories…

But apart from that little incident that occurred it seems as though the new shipping company I use, DHL, seems to have delivered everything properly to my surprise after losing faith in them. Woo-hoo!

I think you readers might have picked out the main idea of this image, and I hope will act accordingly even though I know my opinion is truly worth close to nothing.

Until then, please stick up your middle finger at UPS trucks as they pass please, they deserve it!



November 06, 2004

Oh so you HAVE to write a title here huh? FASCISTS!

Saturday 6/11/2004, 5:21 PM.

In a room at Westwood Gosford, precisely room G107, a man is typing on a keyboard.
He's been very tired for most of the day, due to the fact that he has been sleeping to much this morning and he managed to screw up his whole biological clock by doing so. He never really thought about the fact that being an international student, it's quite hard to be in hall of residence when all of your friends basically leave for their homes for the weekend, since it gets pretty lonely.

He picks up the guitar that his friend has lent him for the weekend (he doesn't play it but he's starting and feels pretty confident about it) and plays the beginning of Adam's Song by Blink 182 (he just learned it by looking at tabs over the internet) trying to figure out what to write on his blog entry. It's oftern very hard to come up with stimulating stuff for him, since he's trying to make his blog interesting and different from the usual "I went to the store yesterday it was soo coool oh my god I met this cute girl/boy and we had coffee together oh yeah and here's a picture of my ass so I can get more visitors" blogs that infest the internet like a plague of egoism and shallowness that devours anything that even looks remotely like a display of human intelligence. Oh yeah and don't forget pet pictures, those are very interesting too obviously since EVERYONE wants to look at your cat don't they?

Looking out the window he sees the usual tree that is outside his hall and just before the road, almost stripped of its leaves by the creeping cold advancing like a trench day by day and that will take over completely on a full scale war that is winter. He remembers that tree having all of its leaves when it was here, and realizes that quite a lot of time has passed since he has been here, and that there are about 4 weeks left until the term ends. Until then he'll just stay here and watch every day repeat itself in a spiral of sexual frustration, caffeine binges and good friends.

After 6 weeks his legs have become accustomed to the 30 minute walk and have become his sidekicks in his adventures by robotically maneuvering themselves among the preprogrammed morning path to Gibbet Hill when the superior part of his body is either in a state of semi-daze with his brain only 20% active or when he's just plain old drunk on certain nights (obviously the path is only half way during these occasions, thank god). He thinks that this whole entry could be summed up with the saying "It's been a long time now" but then again blogs are the essence of useless babbling about the most trivial subjects right?

It is now 6:07 PM, and he has just stopped typing.

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