November 14, 2004

Order number: 205309470946098

Hmm… Jaffa cakes.. It's truly amazing how these things get addicting..

You might think that this sentence above is a misuse of punctuation, topped with the little cherry-on-the-top-of-the-cake useless topic that should appeal to the general public to create a misterious start of blog that lures the general reader like an insect towards a bug-light, only to be stung by the cruel spark of the realization that this entry is nothing else than the spirit of the blogger: The art of babbling. The art to sit in front of a computer and just allow two entities, the brain and the hands, to work separately to build what is truly a castle built with immaginary bricks, a mansion of nothingness and wasted time.

Anyway, today is another one of those weekends where you simply do not have the slightest will to go out, the littlest will to do something and the faintest idea of where EVERYBODY WENT! NOONE IS AROUND! And on a second and possibly lighter note, I have also been thinking (yes, surprisingly) about going back home for vacation, and how weird that would feel. Yes, for after all you've started living away for the first time and I guess your parents haven't really seen you for a while, and this is their first chance in 8 weeks and I predict it should be awfully akward, yet filled with facts to expose and stories to tell about your 8 weeks at university.

1950's parent mode off

Now everyone might have known me for being quite a passionate man when it comes to doing things, but the collateral side to this is that yours truly seems to get quite annoyed when things don't go quite as they're supposed to go. A blatant example of this is my little UPS adventure, which everyone that knows me has had a fill on, either by me telling the story of simply by rumors of me "switching" whenever I seem to hear the three letter acronym that spells out "Useless Parcel Service" along with lots of raised middle fingers at the UPS trucks that go down University Road once every so often. In fact, i've even made a little work of art to describe my feelings toward that wonderful company that has managed to have my parcel arrive over 3 weeks late:

Ah the memories…

But apart from that little incident that occurred it seems as though the new shipping company I use, DHL, seems to have delivered everything properly to my surprise after losing faith in them. Woo-hoo!

I think you readers might have picked out the main idea of this image, and I hope will act accordingly even though I know my opinion is truly worth close to nothing.

Until then, please stick up your middle finger at UPS trucks as they pass please, they deserve it!



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  1. sophie

    wot would u no about the english language dying seeing as u cant even speak english properly u speak a inferior 'american' version of the language so ha

    14 Nov 2004, 23:11

  2. G for grammar

    Correction, Sophie: use 'an' before a word beginning withg a vowel!! So, we have: 'an inferior' rather than 'a inferior'.

    14 Nov 2004, 23:14

  3. charlie

    I value your opinion Carlo!!! Certainly more than some people's…..

    14 Nov 2004, 23:16

  4. First of all your first statement, the fact that I can't speak English "properly" is simply preposterous given that your grammar is near that of a child that has just turned three, and the idea of American being inferior to "British" English is simply ridiculous. We would all be speaking "inferior" languages then, according to what you're saying.

    Before opening your mouth, please make sure that the brain is connected to it.

    14 Nov 2004, 23:39

  5. Sophie

    firstly the inferior 'american' way u speak is a strange dervivative (and yes i cant spell and b4 u say nething i dont really care so save it) english seeing as it changes some words meaning and uses 1 word wen another is far more suitable. as 4 ur grammar commennt hu actually cares im not u understood it n dats all dat matters in this particular context

    15 Nov 2004, 21:06

  6. So then Italian, French and Spanish would be an "inferior" Latin? German would be an "inferior" and "barbaric" language compared to the languages of the past? Are you saying that if something varies from another through time it is worse than what it started out as? This mindset kept man in the dark ages.. I'm glad you weren't around that time to stop the Renaissance!

    And no I'm not going to "save it" since you're denouncing the american dialect as something inferior compared to british English, yet here you are writing answers to my comments with spelling that resembles the remote outcome of a rabid weasel on crack dancing on a keyboard and typing words that remotely look like English, which is way to small for it to be unintentional.

    As I said before, if you want to have a logical debate about this please plug in your brain, I shall have no more of this otherwise-

    16 Nov 2004, 23:55

  7. May i point out…

    AN American sociolect is in fact centuries older than the recieved pronunciation taught in British schools today. The language spoken by our transatlantic neighbours bares several hallmarks of the language spoken in Post-Tudor England & Ireland and furthermore displays a linguistic influence of both Italian & Genoese settlers of the late 16th century.

    I put it thus, that the 'inferior' American "dervivative" adopted by my learnÚd internationally schooled hallmates could effectively be argued as a preceding form of English; the more archaic form of English.

    But please read not mistakedly my words, as the language used in England is therefore the evolved version of the system, and thus perhaps the more effective (and audibly attractive).

    However it must be conceded; a mastery of this system, i would happily forfeit for a middling knowledge of two or more modern European Languages
    (frequently exhibited by internationally schooled students: despite being hopelessly bained with an accent now attributed to the most infamous administration of recent years)

    It must too be conceded, that a memorable proverb springs to mind:

    "Let he who is without sin, cast the first Stone"

    — (Good News Bible- OT)

    and for the Laity—
    If you are in no position to wield a language with precision, do not criticise the linguistic disposition of others.

    That is all.

    15 Jan 2005, 18:32

  8. Jay Jay the jet plane

    i hate MaCs

    07 May 2005, 03:28

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