November 23, 2005

He's back and he's got a new trick.. Magical Carlo is ten times as slick as the last time…

Writing about web page

So then here we are again.

Here we are trying to kill time that could be spent writing an essay. Time that could be spent doing something productive, although highly unlikely that might be. I haven't been posting on this blog since last year, and a lot of things have happened, but this blog looks exactly like I left it, except for a few differences like the fact that you can actually put equation in your text now! WOW! Gotta jump on THAT bandwagon! Anyway..

What mostly brought me back here to just rant on the internet (however futile it might be/seem) is the fact that I read a very interesting article today, about the life of youngsters (yes that's right it's your good 'ole grampa Ebeneezer talking) in the western world today. The article was actually very poorly written and uninsteresting in many ways which I will not specify, but the main issue that was brought up stayed with me: "Is the next generation 'worse' than us from a moral and ethical standpoint?"

My obivious reaction to this would have been "OF COURSE YEAH DURRRRRRRR!!1!1!11! LITTLE BASTARDS!!11!" if I were somekind of idiot, but it wasn't, it was more of a "yes, with some exceptions". Given the fact that it is almost human nature in my opinion to criticize any type of younger men or children from the height of one's moral pedestal acquired through experience and sometimes just plain, dumb and certain stupid choices, mistakes that have shapen you as an individual, but then after an accurate analysis I do have to say that there are certain factors that are making life a lot simpler for younger kids. Allow me to elaborate:

According to TV:


Either or


As you can probably deduce from what I just posted, the negative connotation to "simpler" is quite evident. I know I know it might seem a bit overzealous to post something like that with all the mitigating factors (one being that TV obviously doesn't influence EVERYONE), but it still sort of leaves of a bit dumbfounded, since if this is what TV and the modern world tell our youth, is it not pretty much blatant that the only direction we could possibly go is down?

I leave judgement to the masses.

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