October 15, 2004


Finally in my permanent room. After 3 weeks of wait to get my final room (yes, I'm one of those who used to share a room in westwood) I have managed to nab the most important thing that there was to nab: Space. Without my living space my mental approach to Warwick was simply that it was a vacation that wouldn't last too long, an ephemeral moment in the middle of my life which would be remembered as very fun, yet very short. Now that I have my own room it seems as though I finally have realized that this is it, that in fact this is the final place I will be staying at for the rest of the year! I'm quite happy about it, and after all I can finally call this place home without anyone barging in at 5:00 am waking me up!

But apart from that I guess I don't have anymore problems left, apart from my bank account which seems like a very annoying and tedious process since I still have to get my student status letter (a little piece of paper that states that you actually are a student at Warwick that all international students need) to finally allow me to open a damn bank account in England (a process that takes a WEEK!).

In case you're blind or your alcohol/THC/psychotrophic drug clouded neurons still need to realize what's going on you've ended up on the second entry of my blog, my little outpost where I express my opinions with a very narrow-minded and very authoritarian approach, yet comments are always welcome..

Hmm what to talk about now? I guess some random crap might be useful to fill some spaces up and give people the impression that I'm actually writing something instead, since they probably don't even know what's here after realizing that this man is close to useless in blogging :P I guess I should post a photo of me to get people acquainted to the figure of the man that you need to lynch after reading this entry and having offended your intelligence, or how about no? since I don't have my digital photo library anymore so I guess you'll just have to settle for a photo which was taken about 6 months ago when I still had short hair..

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  1. I totally agree mate, banks are complete buggers!!....and they make hundreds of £s per minute practically!! That's capitalism for you!

    16 Oct 2004, 00:37

  2. May i point out…

    Capitalism has done a lot for the masses. If it wasn't for the Dawes Plan and the following Wall Street Crash, World War II would never have happened and thus Adolf Hitler would never have commited suicide!

    Q. Would you rather live in a world with Adolf Hitler?
    A. No, thank God Capitalism saved us there!

    Capitalism also represses the starving populations of 3rd World countries under mountains of insurmountable debt. Without a capitalist west we would have to share our mounting wealth with these thousands.

    Q. Do you want to pay more for your coffee?
    A. No, thank God the capitalist west has forced 1/3 of the Earth's population into economic collapse

    Furthermore, the Free Market system means that individuals can monopolise sectors of economic growth enriching themselves at the expense of other, less cut-throat businesses, and force consumerism into every child, mother and father's face so hard that it hurts their arse.

    Q. Do you like owning the exact same things as everyone you know?
    A. YES! i hate social variety, i think everyone should be the same (unless they are poor)

    And so i rest, comfortable in the knowledge that the capitalist strangle hold upon our world will be tight long after i die, and that my children will be able to live in a world where some people are really really really rich, whilst others starve.

    That is all.

    15 Jan 2005, 18:54

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