December 06, 2004

Airport blues

Just to prove that I am different from the crowd, that I can think with my own non-conformist commie mind and to prove my point that anything different from the crowd is the best to go for I am writing this entry in an airport.

Yes that’s right, I am currently using my laptop battery to the fullest by writing this entry
In an airport café waiting for the flight to start checking in, and that will be in about 1 hour 20 minutes, so I got plenty of time to concoct crap that will annoy you people to the point at which you will be asking for mercy in the form of death in an acid bath, which is not pleasant believe me.

I’ve been waiting for about 2 hours for my flight now, which means I can pretty much say that I am halfway through the wait (if you count the time the plane actually leaves this place) and so far I’ve had about 7 different people sitting at the table behind me, while I have remained stationary in my position for all of this time. What is even more inconvenient is that before I started writing this entry I was reading and the sound of the utter crap that these people were talking about quite annoyed me. A few excerpts from conversations that really intrigued me:

“I never really liked Dr. Morgan anyway, she’s so abrupt and to be honest I don’t like her.”

—Old hag talking to other old hag about some other sick old hag (5/12/2004 10:40 AM)

“You just can’t make the assumption that wherever you’ll go I’ll follow”

—Bride of a young couple who is heading to a random location (5/12/2004 10:56 AM)

“He’s going to have to get his bag so that’s going to take a while you see”

—Middle aged woman talking about some guy who I have no idea of (5/12/2004 12:15 PM)

And now, for my personal favorite:

“I’ze want da doubwe cheezburgah! Do dey hev dat one?”

—Teenager waiting in line at the Burger King (5/12/2004 12:34 PM)

After trying to watch Underworld a movie I would personally avoid if I were a person with more brain capacity than a slice of lemon drizzle cake I started pondering about a few ideas that were popping around my head, precisely about fast food restaurants and how to make them better.

One of the main things I noticed about many fast food chains is the poor choice of colors in their restaurants. Who wants to go to a restaurant with BLUE, YELLOW and RED walls (yes, I capitalized the colors to make more emphasis on the brightness) in the case of Burger King that is right next to me at the moment Or GREEN and RED for Sbarro which is a pseudo Italian chain who hasn’t realized that Italian does not equal Mexican, and that you do not need to name Italian dishes with Spanish names to make them sound cooler than English just because you don’t know anything regarding cultures outside your continent (not making any allusions here). I think that simply changing the colors to some less aggressive eye gouging wavelengths might be a more interesting change to the atmosphere than creating new dishes and saying they’re healthier by putting the same amount of grease you’d find on a hamburger on a salad.

I have to go see if my flight has started checking in, I’ll close this entry here.


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  1. Which airport are you in?

    06 Dec 2004, 22:27

  2. Luton airport…

    07 Dec 2004, 10:55

  3. Oh right. Going anywhere nice?

    09 Dec 2004, 16:08

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