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May 02, 2012

Calling all finalists…

Career Success Toolkit brandingAre you a finalist still looking for a job, or even some direction? This summer the Centre for Student Careers and Skills is running a series of events, workshops and sessions, to help mitigate the rising panic that often accompanies the third term of your final year. Yes, we know that our reputation is built on a mantra of 'plan early' (it's still not bad advice....) but we're savvy enough to recognise that a pretty big – and often silent – majority are simply not ready to tackle the challenges of job hunting and form filling until now.

It's something of a cliché, but true nonetheless, to say finding a job can often feel like a job itself. Opportunities don't just create themselves and people rarely fall into jobs; it takes effort, commitment and a hefty dose of resilience to help you aim for success, but also prepare for (temporary!) failure. Some of you have, no doubt, spent a fair few months on the application treadmill, and it can be really demoralising if you're finding that job offer – or even interview slot – remains elusive.

Whether you are suffering application fatigue, or consider yourself a complete careers novice, there is something in our 'Career Success Toolkit’ that should tempt, or at least offer a fresh perspective. If you're happy to leave your assumptions at the door, then we're happy to address some of those misconceptions about career planning, job hunting and inevitably the graduate job market.

Our launch event – the Summer Fair – will give you ample chance to talk to employers across a range of sectors, and can feel a little less intense than its autumn term counterparts. Over 40 employers will be there, many of them offering jobs and internships. You can also sign up for some employer and centre-led skills sessions, so check the fair guide to help you plan what to do and when. We’re all decamping to Rootes for the day, come and find us on the Careers & Skills stand. We’ll happily field any question you might have, just don't ask which employer has the best freebies – we like to keep that secret!

Understandably, finals will be occupying most of your time and energy between weeks 4-7, so we’ve concentrated most of the events and sessions in weeks 3, 8-10. Hopefully this should give you sufficient time for post exam recovery before getting to grips with your future plans. The sessions are deliberately pitched to reflect and accommodate the different stages of career readiness and with over 50 to choose from, you should find something that resonates.

There are familiar themes – applications, interviews and assessment centres, but we have also taken a few creative detours along the way and you’ll find sessions on workplace transitions, building ‘bounce back’ into your job search, commercial awareness and finding your strengths. You can attend as many – or as few – as you like, but whatever you do make this your summer of career success.

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