February 03, 2006

New start for my own business

2nd, Feb, 2006,Thursday is my lucky day.
Alone with my schoolbag, which is full of products, a purple scarf and a red wool hat, I went to the CANNON PARK manage centre to ask for promotion permission.
There on the 2th floor, a very nice lady and a gentlemen saw my products and allow me to rent a table outside the ICELAND. before they make this decision, they ask me to go to see Mr.&&.
I have to go the Jewellery shop righ outside TESCO to see their manager Mr. && (sorry for my bad memory….), he is unpleasent to see me and my products..he treated me very politely but without a smile. he asked me to show him all the products..I did as he said which make his face seems much more like Poker.. I asked him to take all my products while he answered:'sorry lady'
He is so unhappy to see me..he got a quite nice shop with high priced and standart products..which is also a mixture of real and not so valuable jewellery…Now the first time he saw me, he seemed to regard this young girl as his enemy..since i am just doing this business for fun, I really don't want to make him lose anything..
Since i am not that easy to beaten down..so, I will do my business regardless of him..if I can got the chance to keep go on with my PHD degree..than he may have to see me for really quite a long time..really feel sorry for him. he should accept my products, isn't it?
And after i went back to L court to see the park managers..they saw my products, really beautiful design..and they say yes to me.
after leaving the office.. I can't help crying out:'
Soooo…....lucky.!!' with sooo…....big smile on my face, I went to friend Mr. LiaoJie's home and enjoy a very delicious meal to celebrate for my victory entrance to the business park.
this is the first time that I do business like this. Well, not perfect as I thought..cause the rent fee is quite high..I planed to rent a place in the market for free, since LivePool got such kind of free entrance market while unfotunately i am in Coventry.

after understand the trend and customer needs.. My next step is to do online business since i am learning e2bm, well this is a piece of cake for me to set up a beautiful designed ebay shop.
this weekend i will go to see my friends and set the price with young grils, adding the high rent…not what I expected but got no choice at the moment.

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