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February 23, 2008

Ten reasons I don't watch sports


Disclaimer: before you read this post: I am not gay (not that I have anything against gay people), neither was I abused or molested as a child nor am I bitter about the fact that I was never picked to play in the football team while in junior & high school. I just developed this mindset as far back as the age or 9 or 10.

Here are my reasons why I don't watch sports:

1. It's commercial!!

Players, owners, managers, coaches....all have stakes in form of merchandise, salaries, profits, commissions, etc. They get paid for my attention - why should I give it to them? Time is too precious.

2. Inconsistency in performance

Yes, you sports buffs know this all too well - How many times does your favourite team 'mess up'. Lets face it the upsets in sports are just to sad and you really have no control over your team's performance. Some people go to the extreme to even kill themselves. Even the best teams lose; no one always wins so why bother at all ?!?

3. Sports is Overhyped

Yes it control again. Pick up your remote control now and I bet you there is some commercial about 'biggest' match ever in world history. There is a never ending promotion of games on tv and it just makes me sick sometimes. I guess it's made to get our minds off important issues like politics & reality.  

4. I'd rather watch chics

You bet I'll rather watch a "Miss.World" pagent or some chics on a catwalk. Something more fascinating about the opposite sex...

5. Not intellectually challenging

Watching a footie game is not exactly as intellectually challenging as reading a book, coding or playing a game of chess. It's all too easy

6. My short attention span

Most sports require 2 hours of your time on average. I just can't be locked down for that long a time. A movie has to be exceptionally good to hold me down for an hour and a half

7. I'm a doer & not a watcher

Simply said....I prefer going out for a run, shooting some hoops, swimming, mountain biking and generally engaging in sports myself & not watching others. I can tolerate highlights but full games are hard to appreciate.

8. Too many Rules & Referees

Are you ever satisfied with decisions of a ref? Although I have to say that I applaud American Football because the refs are allowed to view video footage to make some decisions

9. I'll rather play sports video games

At least that way I know I am in the drivers seat and control my own destiny :)

10. More time with my missus

She loves it. It's probably the greatest wish of girlfriends & wives in this age; that their husbands abandon the game and spend quality time with them. My missus considers herself lucky (i don't blame her)

            Here are some sports I can tolerate:

            1. 100m - 400m sprints (how the heck to people watch 800 metre runs or worse still marathons!?)
            2. Highlights of my national football or rugby matches - that way I'm passionate as its my country playing and not some club. I'll be watching highlights; I can't bear to watch an entire game. For guys in the US I can understand the passion of supporting teams in your state. 
            3. Mike Tyson matches in his hey days when his opponents didn't last more than 3 rounds.  That was pure entertainment

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