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July 05, 2006

Oxford's Cowley Road Carnival

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Last weekend was wicked; Oxford's most culturally diversed area – Cowley Road, had its annual carnival. Cowley road was closed and featured a host of attractions including: 3 music stages, 4 sound systems, food from almost every resturant on Cowley (meaning food from all continents), dance, street performers, cooking demonstrations & children's activities
I live in the city centre and don't usually hang around Cowley except for a hair cut at the Afro barbers shop, so this was a unique experience seeing another side of Oxford.
The music was what I really enjoyed. It was quite diverse with acts from various genres like House, Raggea, Hip–Hop, Latino, Indie, Brit Rock and loads of others I can't remember now. There was alot of dance perfromance and even capoeira…it was awesome!!
I took loads of pictures and amateur video clips of the carnival that I have uploaded unto Flickr & youtube.

Videos of the Cowley Carnival
Pictures of the Cowley Carnival

June 16, 2006

Masquerade Balling

Masquerade Balling

Date: It was the 2nd of June, I had the day off work and was reluctantly preparing to go for a masquerade ball with my misus organised by her employers (IBM). I got the masks from a week earlier but still wasn’t sure if I was going.
You see my reasons for no wanting to go were twofold; one being the fear of the unknown having never attended a ‘tuxedo–wearing masquerade ball’ and the other reason was being that I am …well unfortunately quite an unsociable character (working on it though). Well after much ranting and persuasion from the misus, I had no choice but to go :(
Ok first of there were of perks to it; her very generous employers hosted us for the night at the prestigious London hotel The Royal Lancaster. The ball was to kick–off at 7:30pm with a champagne cocktail, followed by evening dinner and ending with entertainment. As usual we made it an hour late (8:30) getting in time for the main course.
I must say I was nervous on arrival for the very fact that the table allocated to us had 8 empty seats and every other table around were virtually full! As we pulled the chairs to sit down, a couple from another table with 2 free seats invited us to join them on their table. They lit up the night for shy me cos they were really the chatty type. There was an award which I didn’t quite understand and the night ended with us playing games and dancing. My rating got the night – 4/5, well worth it.

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