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November 20, 2006

Its going to be a bad day, nigeria's got bad press (again)

Woke up this morning at about 6:30 and as usual switched unto BBC radio 4 to listen to the Today Show. After the major ramble about the poisoned russian ex-spy, news on Nigeria poped up – this time with regards to a Chatham House research about how Nigerian scams are costing the UK billions.
Then at about 9:30 this morning I was about to check my yahoo email account and decided to go through the yahoo uk home page and behold on the main homepage, the headlines read UK hit by Nigerian Fraud.

I know someone in the office is bound to stumble on one of these articles and raise the issue and I’m going to have to go on the defensive yet again saying that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commision Nigeria, was set up to tackle these issues and has been quite successful in the last 3 years with a record number of fraud related convictions.

Although I am not in denial about the issue, I must say that the situation would have been alot worse & that it has been changing for the better since the EFCC was establishd. In my opinion catchy headlines sell! Why haven’t articles about the progress being made to combat corruption in Nigeria hit the headlines yet? I mean there have been articles like these:

Nigerian bank fraudsters guilty
Nigeria recovers ‘fraudster’ cash
Nigerians rap against fraud
Nigerian MP on fraud charges

They never seem to hit the home pages because they simply would not attract enough eyeballs & attention.

Simply my 5 cents on this….

November 17, 2006

pure african sound – 'Never Far Away' (you must see this one….pls)

Writing about web page

This chap is a Nigerian jazz/soul artiste – Lagbaja doing a duo with another Nigerian RnB Artiste Ego Ogbaro% The video is full of emotions with a balancing act from Ego’s divine soulful voice….I almost cried when i saw this one (sniff).
You’ve got to like the african ochestra & truly original video footage of a village setting in Western Nigeria. The video and sound uniquely complement each other. Please watch it and drop a comment cheers.

September 19, 2006

tv ads from the 80s

A viral email has been floating around the nigerian internet community; its a link to a youtube video that showcases some of the most popular nigerian tv ads of the 1980s.
Its a social marketing campaign meant to publicise a niche internet start-up that sells nigerian movies (otherwise known as nollywood movies) in both video streaming and video disc (vcds) formats. Its quite a smart and innovative viral marketing campaign that has drawn alot of attention and an audience. It has so far attracted 9166 views on youtube. I am not quite sure about the conversion rates of views-to-sales but by and large its given inollywood alot of exposure – great work guys!

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