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November 16, 2006

The right way to play golf

I just took up golf and have been going to the Oxford Golf range for about about 2 months now. I only recently got a hang of a full swing. You see, I have an instructor that gives me lessons every forthnight Saturday but didn’t quite drill the fundamentals of the full swing. I mean he tried his best giving me the basics which I also learnt from a book but I guess that was it or maybe I’m just being impatient.
Well on Saturday by mere chance, Nick the guy at the reception at the Golf range asked how I was doing and wanted to see my swings. I showed them to him & he was like he was going to take a video of me taking 4 different swings. He replayed the videos he took and showed me my mistakes – basically I was using alot of effort from my bisceps & triceps when I was meant to use my lats and torsos as a driving force to my my tris & bis in order to make a single movement. I improved with his free tips – a big THANK YOU NICK.
I also stumbled on this video on good old youtube, showing Tiger Woods in slow motion taking a 249yard swing. It reinforces my free lessons on Satuday – MANY THANKS NICK :) (Nick’s also a personal trainner and a gold instructor)

heres another video taken from the cap of Tiger….brilliant

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