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July 20, 2006

The Cost of Blogging….your job?

Interesting article on the price people pay for blogging.

July 05, 2006

Oxford's Cowley Road Carnival

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Last weekend was wicked; Oxford's most culturally diversed area – Cowley Road, had its annual carnival. Cowley road was closed and featured a host of attractions including: 3 music stages, 4 sound systems, food from almost every resturant on Cowley (meaning food from all continents), dance, street performers, cooking demonstrations & children's activities
I live in the city centre and don't usually hang around Cowley except for a hair cut at the Afro barbers shop, so this was a unique experience seeing another side of Oxford.
The music was what I really enjoyed. It was quite diverse with acts from various genres like House, Raggea, Hip–Hop, Latino, Indie, Brit Rock and loads of others I can't remember now. There was alot of dance perfromance and even capoeira…it was awesome!!
I took loads of pictures and amateur video clips of the carnival that I have uploaded unto Flickr & youtube.

Videos of the Cowley Carnival
Pictures of the Cowley Carnival

The World Cup so far: Story of the Good, Bad & the Ugly

I must say, I'm not a great footy fan but the spell of the world cup has certainly overtaken me. I have never really understood the passion of die hard fans of European teams thousands of miles away from them!?! Imagine guys in a beer parlour/pub in the Lagos, bragging about how 'their great team' – Arsenal is much better than Manchester United?!? Bizarre, they don’t even know where Woolwich is in London so why their support for Arsenal!?! That is probably why I can’t or haven’t been bothered to keenly follow the numerous football leagues splattered all over Europe. In my opinion League football should revolve around local teams and local passion.

The World Cup however has been some football worth watching because of the sense on nationalism it generally instills in fans. It is quintessentially an avenue of national pride at its best, with fair play, no violence.
Given that Nigeria failed to qualify, my attention was a bit half witted from the start. I carefully played a balancing act between support for England and Cote d‘Ivoire. But given the failure of both teams I have resolved to sitting down and enjoying the game or even maybe placing bets on games.

So from a half–witted point of view, what have been the highs & lows of Germany 2006?
I'll start with the lows;
No.1 the general poor performance of African teams and the fact that only 1 team pulled through it through to the 2nd round, where they were shattered by Brazil. It was really depressing because in the office, whenever a European team was to face an African team, my colleagues saw it as an easy win or 'bonus match' to pick a quick 3 points. It was quite frustrating seeing these teams
No.2 Not seeing Argentina come through today, when they were clearly the more superior team than Germany.
No 3 Betting 100 quid on Germany last night and seeing them lose, even though my heart told me to go for Italy.

My highs;
No.1 France’s win over Spain when I learnt that the France coach Raymond Domenech claimed that some members of his team were subjected to racist taunts by Spanish football fans before Tuesday's second-round match and Spainís coach (Luis Aragones) refusal to apologise to Thierry Henry for the racist comments he made two years ago.
No.2 Quality football has been superb all the way
No.3: Fact that Nigeria is still the best Afircan Team despite not qualifying for the World Cup

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