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May 25, 2006

Back on the block

Okay, I must say I have been naughty. I haven't blogged for 1, 2, 3 …. can't keep up with the number of months. One thing for sure is that a lot has happened since I graduated last summer. So I'll summarise stuff:

August '05 – finally graduated after a gruelling 12 months in Uni. great fun & definately worth the experience. My misus & I head straight to London.

Sept' 05 – chilling in London doing virtually nuthin or would I say 'resting'. (thinking about it…damn I should have gone on a holiday. Oh I couldn't really go anywhere cos my Visa had less than 6 months on it).
Anyway my Aunt was also around from Nigeria, so she stuffed me up with good soul food.
I also went back to Warwick for my VIVA (the guest examiner gave me grief). I was told that I was sitting on the fence as per the VIVA results till November (which was to ultimately determine if I was getting a distinction). I couldn't understand the situation despite the glaringly successful results and my mammoth effort all through the project.
The highlight of the month however was my job offer as the e–Marketing Manager for Property Frontiers – the company I conducted my research on back in Warwick.

October 05 – Same old, same old chilling, but wrote to the examining board about my issues (as per my VIVA & stuff). Keeping my fingers cross about the results.
Started work with PF up in Oxford on the 17th. So my program dramatically changed from the chilled–out laid back unorganised me to the working 9–5 thingy. My program was crazy:

Up by 5:30;
Docklands to Paddington 6:45–7:30,
London Paddington to Oxford 7:48 – 8:48,
Oxford Station to Office 8:50–9:05
Office 9:05–5:35
Oxford Station to London Paddington 6:00 – 7:00
Paddington – Docklands 7:00 – 7:45
Eat/TV 8:00 – 10:00
Crash 10:00 – 5:30 again
Mon – Fri

Crazy stuff, but the highlight of the month was that my last PMA results (eCommerce) were released, so my PMA average went up to 70…phew. Close shave but was still waiting for the crazy VIVA results.

November 05 – okay the crazy London/Oxford commute was getting to me and sucking 4 hours off me everyday. I started looking for a place in Oxford but found apartments I viewed either too expensive or just not inhabitable. I wasn't into the flat sharing thing so I decided to carry my cross and go on with the commute. TBH I enjoyed the journey on the train…it was comfy, I had time and space to work on my laptop & could get some sleep or read a book. Hated the underground though…stuffy, cramped up & uncomfortable (besides 7/7 was a few months earlier, so there was always feeling of paranoia somewhere in my mind). Another downside was that it was bloody winter, so waiting in bus–stops & stations were a horror.
Had a swell time on our office away day at the Isle of Man. Basically we rented a 40 or 60 ft yatch from Southampton and sailed right to the Isle of Man, where we had lunch & drinks in the pub. We sailed back to to Southampton and then drove up to Oxford for dinner in some french resturant. I went back to London after all that. It was well worth the experience.
Good point of the month was the last day…YEAH – my VIVA results were released & YEAH I got a distinction….so the rest is history. excellent stuff.

December 05 – Christmas approaching & the usual London/Oxford commute. Good year for the company and oh yes…I get my first assessment from the Directors. The Outcome – good job so far Kunle, keep it up…till the next assessment in 6 months time. so yeah good stuff.
Did the Christmas Santa thingy in the office & got a penis dominatrix/fet strap from my boss (joke – best gift ever) Got the PR chic in the office some 5 quid body shop pack….good simple stuff she liked it.
It was a good month….spent Christmas with my folks & misus.

January 05 – urgh…wasn't really looking forward to going back to work cos of the relaxing 2 week Christmas holiday.
Highlight of the month was that the winter grad ceremony. Re–lived 3 days of Warwick with my mate Hareesh back in Heron–Bank….nostalgic. Briefly went to Bullring in Birmingham.
Grad was good…met my misus' mum (jeez)...saw lots of old mates of mine. good stuff but was not as full as I thought. tbh it was just a ceremony….officially handing us our 'paper'. I never went for my UG grad ceremony, so the experience was a first….we worth it.
Highlight of the month…Oh I sorted out my work permit (got the HSMP thingy) after getting rejected about 3 times for the work permit.

Feb' 05 – was getting fed–up with the commute & got an office colleague (Ned) of mine on a crib hunting mission. The office also moved to the centre of Oxford to a much more larger premises. Ned & I made a couple of viewings and final got a 2 bed – 1 bath apartment in the middle of town 5 mins from the office. Paid the deposit and move–in date was 9th March. Was wondering how I was gona manage without my aunts meals :(.

Mar' 05 – Ned moved into the flat but I was sorting out all stuff in London and couldn't move in till the internet connection was sorted out.
The internet connection was finally sorted out and I moved in :). I still did London on weekend to see my cousin, aunt & misus. I'll say I was in Oxford but my heart was in London.

April' 05 – Started to get a feel of Oxford and even went out for the Oxford guide bus tour with my misus.

May' 05– Well im ere in Oxford – quiet, young city. Rush hour is virtually non–existent here. In the morning on my way to work, rather than seeing professionals trying to catch a train in the underground, I see students walking or cycling it for lectures. Its a funny trip & I can't believe I haven’t been to London for about 5 weeks now. Let wait & see.

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