December 26, 2006

Internet business opportunities in developing countries

There is a general presumption about the lack of opportunities for internet businesses in developing economies and that developed economies provide a tried and tested target customer base for would be internet entrepreneurs. Numerous factors tend to support this presumption, such as literacy rates, computer literacy rates, computer-to-population ratios, internet access (both dial-up & broadband) rates & the lack of e-payment solutions in developing countries. At the other end of the spectrum, early e-Commerce starters in developing nations like Avnish Bajaj (co-founder of have proved this presumption wrong. successfully created a unique internet auction business model that genuinely linked buyers and sellers in India. Before eBay’s $50 million acquisition of in June 2004, they had successfully set up an e-payment facility for all their 1 million subscribers in a strategic collaboration with Global Trust Bank. Another Indian e-entrepreneur/VC, Rishi Navani of Matrix Partners India invested $7m in an Indian online movie rental start-up in November 2006 (listen to his podcast here).
I am currently researching practical internet business models that can work in developing countries (particularly in Africa) and looking forward to working with VCs in 2007 to explore collaborative opportunities to drive well thought-out ideas to tangible opportunities.
Please drop a comment or send me an email if you have any ideas about internet businesses in developing countries.

December 25, 2006

It's Christmas…cooking Turkey for Christmas

Merry Christmas folks….the video below show how to make a Christmas turkey roast. Enjoy!

December 13, 2006

Google Advertising Professional Exam…sorted

Google Advertising Professional Logo

I took the Google Advertising Exam on Monday the 11th of December and passed in flying colours with a score of 87.1%.
I had 2 reasons for taking the exam; first off…I started studying for it when I was commuting between London & Oxford in February and then when I moved into Oxford in March, I stopped studying. It was one of my targets for 2006 and so I had to get it sorted before the end of the year. The other reason was that I was really in the exam taking mood since I had just taken the UK DVLA theory driving test.

Google Ad Professional Exam Results

Surprisingly, studying was the real fun part of the entire process because I learnt about an awful lot of features I had overlooked over the last 18 months I have been managing Adword accounts. Even if you are not interested in taking the exams, I will list a couple of recommended articles I will be revisiting and will always be a good read for you:

Site Targeting
Basic ROI and Conversion Tracking
Advanced Conversion Tracking
Cross-Channel Conversion Tracking
Google Analytics
Increasing a Low CTR
Selling the Benefits of Adwords
The Basic Google Sales Pitch
Addressing Common Client Questions and Concerns

Over my course of studying (which took me about 30 hours over a period of about a month), I created Ad Word campaigns with about 50,000 keywords so far and have developed unique keyword research techniques. I have also done a lot of experimenting with the ROI and conversion tracking features which surprisingly work well. As a tip guys, use the AdWords editor – its heaven sent and differentiates Google from Yahoo Marketing & MS AdCentre. I started playing around with the AdWords Editor about 2 months before my study.

December 09, 2006

What's with 007 and Sony?

Have you seen the new bond movie, Casino Royale?007 casino royale aston-martin If yes did you notice how Sony products were touted all through the movie?

First of….It is a Columbia Pictures a.ka. Sony Pictures movie
Then 007’s over the top phone was a concept Sony Ericsson phone….
Also his hi-tech MI-6 super laptop was a Sony Vaio…
And all the computer gear in the movie was Sony…..
I loved the 1967 Aston Martin & the new Aston Martin though :)

stuff I need to do before I'm 30 (part 2)

Travel the whole of the EU…(or maybe lots of it).

EU map

November 27, 2006

stuff I need to do before I'm 30 (part 1)

Own a C-Class Benz (at the low end of things, a C230 & on a more optimistic note the C55 AMG or CL55 AMG). I absolutely love Benz….its in a class of its own. I also want to own one and not get it on credit….:)

Benz CL55 AMG

November 21, 2006

some things feel good


woke up this morning & felt like reading a paper…I went to my coin box which has loads of 1p & 2p coins and then got 50 – 1p coins & 10 – 2p coins to make 70p for a copy of the Independent all to read the Sacha Baron Cohen (a.k.a. Borat/Ali G) 5 page interview. To do this I had to load my laptop bag pockets with 60 heavy coins and then I headed up to WH Smith….when I got there and off-loaded the coins, the cashier looked at me really funny & then sarcastically asked the other cashier whether they accept that many 1p coins. I said to myself comon stop being so difficult and accept my coins….you stupid thing! I had avoided the corner shop downstairs strictly on the grounds of not annoying a small business owner on a Tuesday morning trying to make ends meet….but for a big corporation like WH Smith I had no mercy (hehe). Anyways the other attendant said YES OF COURSE….then she counted it and of course it was complete to the last 1p (lol)....I giggled and let her see me and felt really satisfied….

There was also a rainbow after the afternoon rain…I have attached a pic I took on my cell from the window by my desk at the office.


November 20, 2006

Its going to be a bad day, nigeria's got bad press (again)

Woke up this morning at about 6:30 and as usual switched unto BBC radio 4 to listen to the Today Show. After the major ramble about the poisoned russian ex-spy, news on Nigeria poped up – this time with regards to a Chatham House research about how Nigerian scams are costing the UK billions.
Then at about 9:30 this morning I was about to check my yahoo email account and decided to go through the yahoo uk home page and behold on the main homepage, the headlines read UK hit by Nigerian Fraud.

I know someone in the office is bound to stumble on one of these articles and raise the issue and I’m going to have to go on the defensive yet again saying that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commision Nigeria, was set up to tackle these issues and has been quite successful in the last 3 years with a record number of fraud related convictions.

Although I am not in denial about the issue, I must say that the situation would have been alot worse & that it has been changing for the better since the EFCC was establishd. In my opinion catchy headlines sell! Why haven’t articles about the progress being made to combat corruption in Nigeria hit the headlines yet? I mean there have been articles like these:

Nigerian bank fraudsters guilty
Nigeria recovers ‘fraudster’ cash
Nigerians rap against fraud
Nigerian MP on fraud charges

They never seem to hit the home pages because they simply would not attract enough eyeballs & attention.

Simply my 5 cents on this….

November 18, 2006

im in london

im in london today and was in marble arch, bond street & at golders green with my misus all for the first time in seven & a half months and it feels a little strange. first off…bond street seemed all so larger than life with the christmas lighting on all the major retailer (selfridges, john lewis, m&s etc)....let see how things get. i’ll be back in oxford tomorrow/monday morning.

November 17, 2006

pure african sound – 'Never Far Away' (you must see this one….pls)

Writing about web page

This chap is a Nigerian jazz/soul artiste – Lagbaja doing a duo with another Nigerian RnB Artiste Ego Ogbaro% The video is full of emotions with a balancing act from Ego’s divine soulful voice….I almost cried when i saw this one (sniff).
You’ve got to like the african ochestra & truly original video footage of a village setting in Western Nigeria. The video and sound uniquely complement each other. Please watch it and drop a comment cheers.

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