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July 31, 2005

Robbery at the Store!

No-one seems to be around much on the Blogs at the mo. Perhaps that's because you're all off having fun and doing things, like Thom being in Bejing (lucky git) and stuff. i have two friends called Thomas who are in China at the minute. That's just odd.

I finished work yesterday. Last day at Blacks was fairly eventful, in that there was a robbery at about 15:00. It sounds more exciting than it was. It was more a case of I looked up from serving a customer, heard the security tag gate things start beeping, and half-saw a bloke leaving the shop in rather a hurry. He was more of a big black blurr though. Apparently, he'd grabbed a rail-full of jackets from the front of the store, dashed out, got on a bike, and peddled off into the wild blue yonder with the jackets over the crossbar. So we had the police in, and actually I missed them because I was on my lunch break, not that I would have been teribly helpfull if I had been there, really.

Anyway, I now have just over a week before America becons, and I've already been dreaming about airport check-ins.

Hey ho…

July 28, 2005

A Day of Water

Well, it's been raining all day. Really hard. And we've had the plumbers in.

July 25, 2005

Shift Work

An old poem I've revised recently, originaly inspired by the painting "Nighthawks":

Shift Work

I work in a diner at the end of the street
From five every evening till 2am.
The late shift,
When all the late people
Come to drink a dream
Before bedtime.

I wipe clean the counters
Because thatís why theyíre there.

Iíll get you a coffee to weep into
Or just stare at till you feel
You shouldnít be staring anymore
And walk the long way home, ashamed,
Leaving a dollar fifty tip.
No-one ever drinks more than an eyeful here.

My feet and ankles hurt the most
From standing almost eight hours straight.

Actually thatís a lie.

Working the late shift thereís often a few
Who donít go home when time is up,
Who stay long after the others
Have given up the ghost,
Run off like water on glass
Back to homes they can barely face.

For sins unnumbered, unmeasured.

The music is Sinatra,
The jazz long and slow and brazen.

My mother once told me Iíd be doing this some day:
Working here.
You donít listen to your mother at 15.

Eddie Hopper sits in the corner
Trying to extrapolate a little lasting beauty
From this black hole in a coffee cup.

Once I used to wear lipstick,
Make an effort, earn my tips,
Flirt a little, flash some cleavage.
But no-one looks too closely here.

Not even the poor old artist
Who paints the scene he sees
On the wrong side of closed eyelids.

I bring a bag of Mint Imperials most nights,
Set them on the counter,
Crack and chew them
To get rid of the taste in my throat.
Drink strong black coffee to keep me awake.
It leaves me with fuzzy teeth.

I chew gum on the way home.

Tall Ships

Well yesterday I went down to the Quayside with parents to see the Tall Ships, which would perhaps have been cooler if I hadn't felt like i was sea-sick all day. Apparently I'd got a virus which affects your sense of balance – hence feelings of nausea. That was probably what was wrong with me on Saturday – we had the busiest day i've seen in the shop, and I was feeling foul.
Anyway, it seems mostly better today – just in time for me to go back to work. dammit. I'm feeling just well enough to go into work, but not well enough to enjoy it. And that's just not fair.

However, this morning I intend to go and pick up my travel documents from the STA, yay! and I got a call from Sandy last night in America, and it finally seems that the New York trip is going to happen! [jumps up and down for joy]

July 23, 2005

Tiredness part II

Still tired. Beginning to think there might be something wrong with me, so going to get blood tests (again) at some point.
Work at Blacks is going smoothly.
Haven't been having much of a life though.
internet connection has been patchy lately, as router on the blink. So if I haven't e-mailed people then sorry, it's because by the time the net's working again I've forgotten that I needed to e-mail you.

Got to go now, as about to drop.

Alex :)

July 10, 2005


Blacks is a nice place to work. All the staff there are really friendly and approachable, and the shop is nice and cool, but there are loooong flights of stairs to the staff room.

So today was my first day at work. I had to get a taxi to the airport, because the buses don't run on a Sunday, but it was Mum's money anyway, so that's ok.

Yesterday was spent mainly on the sofa sleeping/watching videos. The reason for this being I hadn't slept the night before. The reson for this being that Nik came over and we stayed up the entire night watching Mulholand Drive and talking. I mean the entire night as well – started chatting, and suddenly it was 5:00 am.

July 08, 2005

Haha! Job!

Yes, I got up at a ridiculous hour this morning, and have been rewarded with a job!

I am now working at Blacks, a camping and outdoor equipment shop on Grainger st.

July 07, 2005

Phone bills…

Well, the rest of the family jetted off to Crete this morning, leaving me alone in the house with not a lot to do, apart from ring various friends, and check they were ok after what happened in London. Thankfully they all seem to be alright, if a little shaken.
I also phoned one of my friends, not realising he was in China, and it was the middle of the night. Oops. Parents not going to be happy when they get the phone bill…

Other than that, I haven't been doing too much today.

July 06, 2005


My subconscious must be really missing you guys at uni.
I keep dreaming about uni and uni people. The night before last, I was moving my stuff into the new flat, and Hannah and Katy were helping put all my plates away. Only there was a tiger in my room, and I was worried that the others wouldn't be ok with that. Also that Mrs Baker would find out and go mental because she said "no pets."
Last night, I was in a kitchen that looked like a combinaton of Kris's kitchen and the one at International house. Everyone was there, sitting round the table and talking. Chloe was chatting to Ant, and a couple of guys I didn't know, Thom was wearing a Hawian shirt and pulling faces, and Tim had written the most amazing poem – really long and illustrated. I was trying to give him feedback on it, when Nikki and Sho started playing really loud live music behind us, and it was difficult to talk over.

Anyway… hope you guys are all doing ok in real life, as well as in my dream world.
I've been writing and writing and writing at the minute, and watching all the episodes of Doctor Who. I got an interview at Blacks (outdoors & camping gear shop) on Friday, so I may be able to get a job that isn't waitressing these hols. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. The rest of the family are preparing to buzz off to Crete on Thursday, so apart from all the manic last minute stuff, which doesn't really affect me too much, not a lot's been going on.

July 03, 2005

Jobs, Shakespeare, Cinema

Well, lately I've been waiting for Reef to get abck to me about getting a job, catching up on old friends, watching Batman Begins, writing, and going to the theatre to see The Complt wks of W. Shkspr. (Abr.) Which was hillarious.

Writing wise, I'm currently working on a Sci-Fi novel I've been writing for years, and I'm giving it a complete overhaul and re-write. If anyone's interested in reading it, let me know, and I'll stick the chapters up here as they come.

Anyway, apart from that, it's been fairly lazy round here.

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