March 30, 2006

Satellite 15!!!

As promised, today sees the official launch of the Satellite 15 project onto the Blog system. Some of you might already know what this is, but for newcomers, here is a brief introduction.

What Im trying to do is to gather together a set of short stories by different authors all set in the same place Satellite 15 Im hoping that all you creatively minded people will contribute a story or two. To this end I have also posted up here a bit of information about the world of S15, and a few guidelines for the stories.

If you look in the sidebar to the left, you should see the tag S15 and if you click on that you can see all the information on my blog related to the project. The idea is that if you decide to write a story, you also tag it S15 so people can access all the S15 stories if they find one that they like and want to read more.

All I ask is that you let me know if you do decide to contribute, so I can check that there arent any clashes and contradictions between stories.

What are you waiting for? Get writing!

(but read the spec first…)

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  1. I would like to write a story and will let you know as soon as I have a concrete idea of what I am writing.
    The gene will probably be horror!

    30 Mar 2006, 15:04

  2. Cool beans!

    30 Mar 2006, 15:19

  3. i'd love to but i've got me a play to finish…

    02 Apr 2006, 10:15

  4. Ant

    how is this going?

    10 Apr 2006, 14:44

  5. No-one's written anything yet except me. Or if they have they haven't let me know.

    Guys, you all suck. :P

    10 Apr 2006, 16:56

  6. I'm working on one! Irons in a fire! Is there a dealine?

    10 Apr 2006, 17:20

  7. Irons in a fire? is that the title?

    No, there'e no deadline, but do you want to give me a precis of what the story's going to be on? I'd be interested to know.

    In an ammendment to the previous comment: guys, you all suck, except Tavs. :p

    11 Apr 2006, 13:32

  8. Not a title, an excuse.

    The story is a lovecraftian nightmare of lurking terror and gibbering madness in the stygian depths of the perpetual night! Oh my!

    12 Apr 2006, 13:35

  9. Cool.

    12 Apr 2006, 18:12

  10. i don't suck, you got my reason

    13 Apr 2006, 15:06

  11. Meh, excuses excuses…

    The rest of you, you definitely suck.

    13 Apr 2006, 17:32

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