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March 23, 2006

The Operation

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It is ready.
Steri–strips, scalpel
Antiseptic wipe
Clean white paper
And gauze.
No anaesthetic.
It taints the colour,
Purity; no chemicals.

Where this time?
Wrist? Arms? Jugular?
Pulmonary artery
Straight from the heart?
Wrist will do this time,
Save the really gut–wrenching
For later.

A quick incision
Only hurts for a moment,
And three clear drops

Done, the alcohol stings,
A slight shudder.
The steri–strips now:
Press the thin tissue edges together
Align not to scar.
Then, and only then,
A glance at the page,
The work.

Not right.
Crumple the sheet, and throw
In the vague direction of the bin.

For Thom Hutchinson

Haiku to Booze

End of day sun, and
Liquid rubies in a glass
Bathe your lips: breathe out.


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