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November 22, 2005

An Arabian Knight

This is an antinarrative lipogram - ie one letter from the alphabet has deliberately not been used. Guess which letter...

You have heard the following tale before, I know. The tale of a renowned prince of Arabia, and that beautiful and talented lady who married him. Her name, I need not mention, for I am certain that you know to whom I refer.

It all began one winter night, when the daughter of the Grand Vizier got hitched to the prince. The prince, who had a rather peculiar hang up (which you may well remember). He had become convinced that all women, without exception are lying and deceitful (a prejudice engendered after catching one wife in company of her brother-in-law, and we wont mention exactly what they were up to. You will already have deduced it, no doubt.) After that unfortunate event, the prince could not tolerate a wife long. Truth be told, he had them all executed the day after the ceremony. Except for one, the aforementioned lady – and you know her name, though I have not yet mentioned it.

That very beautiful and talented lady told our hero a new tale every night, and every time, broke off the telling before dawn with a cliff hanger ending. The prince, dying to hear more, put off her execution for longer and longer while he remained enthralled by the genii and the lamp, the magic flying carpet, Ali-Baba and that cave which only opened to a certain word (you know the one, don’t you.) Adventure followed adventure, tale within tale until finally our prince relented and had the executioner fired, meaning the queen could finally go to bed and nod off for a change. The prince, however, continued to find fault with her plan, having inevitably fallen headlong in love with her, and by that time he (naturally enough) had a very different activity in mind…

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