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About me


In defiance of Barthes, I am not dead.

I’m now 20, and going to (hopefully) graduate before my next birthday. This is a little scary.

I’m from Newcastle, and proud of it. I have a Home-away-from-home in Liverpool, which is actually a very nice city.

I’m a creative writer, sharing a house in Leamington with six other creative writers, who occasionally drive me crazy.

I like cocktails, poker, Coupling, reading a really good book, the smell of new paper or cut grass, long and intense conversations at 2am, Lord of the Rings, things in minature, Indian food, birthdays, KOL, sparkly stuff, henna, the theatre- especially Shakespeare, Terry Pratchett, BBC7, thunderstorms, board games, Christmas, Skype, The Divine Comedy, Jasper Fforde, The Worlds of Jelly Forum, Mornington Crescent and enough snow to build snow forts and have battles

I dislike Marmite, mushrooms (especially those growing on walls), piles of washing up, being too cold or too hot, Reality TV, people who are always miserable (with the exception of Eeyore), being ill, disloyalty, forgetting things, Women’s shoes, Hello magazine and its ilk, loosing things, Brian Sewell, politicians, mosquitoes and other blood sucking insects, excersize, Diets, Frankie and Benny’s, Brian Sewell, Size 0, beer, people not believing I’m a Geordie, constant cynicism, James Joyce.

I spend much of my life with my head in a towel. This has not semed to affect my life in any particular way.