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October 05, 2005

I meet the Engineers

Writing about web page

I have decided to use this blog as a diary of my CAA activities to tell anyone that's interested (and to remind myself) what I have been up to on the Sciences Computer-aided Assessment (CAA4S) front.

On Monday (3/10/05) the School of Engineering "Undergraduate Degrees Committee" generously allowed me to bend their ears for 10 minutes on my plans for CAA. They looked overworked (13 items on the Agenda). I got some searching questions about cost-effectiveness and the technical problems of authoring.

My wild suggestion that academic staff might be given time (e.g. a smaller teaching load?) to develop CAA resources was firmly ruled "out of the question" so great is the School's academic burden – of course, this reaction will be universal. However, the idea of hiring intelligent and technically-savvy postgraduates to help staff with the design and implementation of online assessments turned out to be a less-leaden balloon.

On the positive side, there is a group of 5–6 members of the School who are seriously interested in using CAA and I plan to try to get them together to see what we can do.

Finally a reminder to myself arising from the meeting: I can use the Engineering email alias to circulate staff about the Project and maybe unearth further enthusiasts.

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