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November 22, 2005

No Comment!

"No comment!", the standby of the defensive celebrity, is a nightmare for the serious blogger. Buried none too deep in our bloggers' psyches is the desire to be noticed. Comments are our life-blood being ignored equates to rejection, failure. Where Scott Adams finds nothing unusual in 500 comments per blog, we are grateful for a meagre one or two.

I am therefore proposing a new service for bloggers called Commentary, initially offered in three packages:

Economy Class: Comments from other blogs with the same tags are randomly recycled as comments to your blog. This service is free and much superior to the undignified alternative of bribing or browbeating your friends and relatives into commenting on your blogs. (Maximum 10 comments.)

Frequent Blogger: You are offered a personal crew of aliases who regularly augment your blogs with pithy comments generated from a database of apposite phrases based on the words in your blog. A suitable program already exists. (Maximum 50 comments.)

All the World's a Blog: With this highly customizable service, you get to orchestrate a witty and lively debate in comments around your blog, with optional insults from egregious bigots, enthusiastic agreement and warm approval from like-minded observers of the human condition, and occasional interjections from famous names, such as Mickey Mouse, Tony Blair, Atilla the Hun, Bridget Jones, Renee Day "I-blog-therefore-I-am" Kart, and so on. (Unlimited comments).

The premium option takes blogging into another realm, and one over which you have complete control. When you are next told to "get a life", this could be your answer.

All that's missing is the appropriate software, so once again, E-Lab, it's over to you.

(Don't hesitate to comment.)

November 11, 2005

Blogging Mathematics

Writing about Equations in blogs from Blogbuilder news

My thanks to those who have recently given us the abiility to render mathematics in Warwick blogs.

I can't resist the temptation to try it out. Tradition has it that the phrase "Let no-one ignorant of geometry enter" was inscribed on the door to Plato's academy. For a more modern mathematical motto one might choose Euler's identity:

e^{i\pi} + 1 = 0

linking in a surprising manner five fundamental, apparently-unrelated mathematical constants: 0, 1, i, e, and \pi. Hence the in-joke "We are number -e^{i\pi}" sometimes seen on mathematics students' T-shirts.

October 12, 2005

Isaac would probably not have blogged it

There are many posters around the Warwick campus claiming that Isaac, Albert and Co "would have blogged it" (part of an eye-catching campaign which I seem to have succumbed to). However, all the evidence suggests that Newton was a very private person, secretive about his scientific acitivites, possessive of his creative priority, and at times almost paranoic about his rivals. Historians! Correct me if I am wrong.

October 05, 2005

Cryptic start

Writing about web page

My first ever blog entry! A new trick for an old dog? Yet another source of anxiety? Undressing in public?

Let's play safe with a cryptic crossword clue:

My blog disrupted! Master daemon is suspected (8,5,9)

No prizes but answers welcome.

Now for the frission of excitement as I click on the 'Publish now' button

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