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August 27, 2011

Bartis Goes To See Captain America

Now before I begin I must say that I am not a film-goer. In fact when anyone suggests "let's watch a film" I usually have a moment of doubt and usually make an excuse not to watch it. Why? I fidget terribly, not in a weird "OH MY GOD HE WON'T STOP" manner that usually requires me to visit a health professional but by shuffling, moving one's seating position, sitting up and nowadays it seems; adjusting glasses too!

I tend to only watch a film if I enthralled by it, for example, Vizontele and its sequel; Vizontele Tuuba were both films I rushed cash clenched within my hand to the cinema so that I could watch it.

The main ideas I got from the film itself was firstly "I want to be like Captain America and beat bad people", "why have they got THAT woman playing the damsel". Especially as you know they could have done so much better. I am looking in the direction of Mad Men style characters which are more reflective of the era's tastes. Quite enjoyed the storyline, even though you do have to kind of hold your breath a bit with the "Hydra" Nazis but I suppose its part of the comic strip that preceded this.

Watching a movie in 3D for the first time I must say I am not particularly pleased by it. For starters I was selling televisions with such capability beforehand but to watch something in 3D for longer than an hour begins to hurt your eyes! Mine are still stinging now.

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