October 02, 2008

So it begins.

Right, here goes with this blog malarkey.

Having moved into Warwick and been utterly confuzzled and apprehensive (manfully mind) of the entire experience I struck out on Monday morning with the intention of going to my introduction to English. Little was I to know that this meeting would have unforeseen and calamitous consequences for it was here that I found out that I had been lied to with nefarious intent!

Well no not really, it was actually just a little bit of a rude awakening to the fact that we started work straight away, which was something of a particular shock for me having come from a happily lazy gap-year spent frittering away the money I managed to earn and getting carved up by the NHS. Oh and banging my head into walls with regards to a few stories that will not for the love of whatever deity chooses to listen write themselves. But at least I got a chance to read a bit, and the lack of exams was a nice change from the norm.

But like any stoically-lipped Englishmen I have not let that dishearten me, and have persevered, and now find myself settled in and ready to write to my hearts content… or when I finish my other assignments. Gah, I feel some lectures in time management, and perhaps a blunt instrument to hammer them home will be required sooner rather than later in my regard.

Regardless this blog is to do with my writing supposedly, and I shall attempt to show you some examples of it all as time goes on, and maybe some of the undoubtedly small number of readers out there will have cause to enjoy said writing, but for now I shall stick to the moment and the lovely little exercise left to us by David Morley. Five lines of poetry taken from the crème de la crème of what we wrote in the writers’ room.

Here’s what I picked from the writing:

ant like men laboured under the harness of polar bears

Melonbomb mind

As you can see it’s a fairly silly pair things to be writing a poem about, but I suppose I should make the best of a bad situation and soldier on with it. Still, I’m sure I can hammer it into something that won’t make people tear out their eyes in a horrific compulsion.

I hope.

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  1. I do not envy your sentences, friend… I’m still struggling with mine, though, as poetry is simply not my forte.

    03 Oct 2008, 15:09

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